Here’s What You Need To Know About Vitamin A

Diet Science


Tell me about vitamin a. So vitamin a. is What we call a fat soluble vitamin when what this means. Is that in order for it to be able to absorb from our digestive tract into our bloodstream. It has to be carried by fats. Oh so we have to have some fat in our diet. that's going to be some kind of oil And typically the the vitamin is found in foods that have fat so Especially the the type of vitamin vitamin a which is what we call the preformed vitamin which it's like already made and ready to go. We can get it from animal foods so we typically find vitamin a. An egg yolk. Oh okay is the fatty part of the egg. And then we will find vitamin a in the liver of certain animals. So like beef liver. We'll have vitamin a. As we store some fat in the liver and so that's where the vitamin k stores and then also like cod liver oil. So the codfish stores vitamin a in. Its liver so when we when we get the fish and we can extract the vitamin from or we can get the oil from that liver of the fish and then it's very rich in vitamin a. So fish oil has vitamin a. n. Well cod liver on civically yoga okay. Salmon had salmon oil probably also has some good amount of vitamin-a say that official supplements or not necessarily all fish store of a lot of vitamin a in their liver at certain fish. Okay so and that cod liver cod. Seems to be the one that has the most yes. So that's why cod liver. Oil has become the oil source for vitamin

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