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Thigh block hello thank you to the live go ahead yes I did a live thank you yes Sir what you're talking about a butchering classic animation what about the use of the basic serial rapist that wouldn't fly in the me too movement yeah I got a little a little handsy didn't really know the meaning of the word well since he was a skunk could you say he put the scent and consent if you're gonna live below yeah that phone hot garbage who's noticed Sturgill is the artist Jude alive go ahead so I went he the bongos thing it its nation with a lot of a lot of there's still a smell of hot garbage actually had it down it would be here for thanks everybody except Mike appreciate you coming to the table today with lots and like a your fantastic as always thanks Julie flashy was great too Reggiani back with me on Wednesday but tomorrow you're stuck with solo drew grub though definitely not in your face which Grabow thanks a lot for listening today I do appreciate you have yourself a wonderful night and I'll see you tomorrow stick around for the soul brother Kevin show he's exceptional and he's next rob I wanted to go and now another phone traffic.

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