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WDBO. Now, the data show on news ninety six point five. Well, I think like now for whatever whatever. Like like, like, whatever. Whatever like just like it's like like like like plate Blake. Don't hold back incrementally. Is the Danish show. How are you friend? I'm Sergio Sanchez. We're broadcasting again from San Antonio, Texas. Thanks for tuning in. Listen to Alexander Lukashenko tests audio and expressions, and you know, she has economics degree, you know, that right? This is genius of economics. And all these socialist ideas panhandling. These socialist failed ideas trying to force feed them until the American public. I listen to. Where Where'd that this young woman received her education? I heard somebody in the news room here. We're we're broadcasting the Dana show today here in San Antonio at K TSA, fifty somebody said, yeah. Brown university. She wanted to Brown. I'm not exactly cheap. I look. I'm just throwing it out there for the sake of conversation. If she didn't go there. My apologies to the academic community at Brown University. I'm just throwing it out because guys here in the newsroom know what they're doing. There were throwing this around. I mentioned Alexandro Cortez to start the Dana show today because well. Oh snap. We got ourselves. A scandal in admissions at colleges and we were trying to connect the thread in the newsroom here. All these colleagues is it is possible that perhaps somebody. Perhaps paid a bribe to get her in and just get a sheepskin, and she could just show us some credentials this woman. She doesn't know anything about just the basic common sense a function of a free market at the south by southwest big festival in Austin, Texas, where they tend to feature. Innovation ingenuity, you know solutions. Drivers of a free market forces. The what creates product what creates solutions what creates new services if there is a need. There's a demand somebody needs to provide that service or provide that product and in part this south by south west theft. All in Austin, what features are in N B, movies and music, but also features some good conversations and talks, and I'm wondering if maybe they just invited her and bushy drew a crowd at south by southwest huge crowd. How I was I was listening to the reaction, and it just seemed like it was is an enormous contingent. And I don't know if it was just curious onlookers or people who believe the insanity that just comes out of her mouth. But I just find it so ironic because she's at the was at the south by south west festival. You know, where they talk about solutions and innovation and ingenuity and innovation. You know, free market capitalism. Meade's met byproducts needs at our sufficed. By by certain services, it's capitalism. That's that's what it is. I I questioned her academic credentials have no idea. I. Did she get that sheepskin? What did she go to Cuba? Venezuela to get an economics degree Venezuela. That's bend in literally darkness cutback has as well somewhere in this tag that buddy producer came through at me this morning, just heart wrenching stories out of Venezuela people. I didn't think about yes. Like you paying attention to the news. We've been seeing these reports out of bene-. Well, if you if you play deep attention to the news, I'm sorry. Big stories like then the failures of of socialism the failures of centralized control over a people over means of production distribution, everything in society, socialism, then a swollen socialism. The failure of that. That's big news. And I I know doesn't get the airplay that it should and the cable cartel and the big newspapers that the alleged newspapers the news of record from New York and from DC, but if you dig deep enough in the news, you'll find the stories of Venezuela. Have they've been in darkness five six seven days now literally lights out and the people I have not thought about low surge weak- people at the hospital. What happens to people who are connected to live giving machinery? And just dialysis patients, for example, somewhere in the stack here that producer came provided me today read that little later on. It's just heart wrenching. Anyway, let me get back to the old academic credentials. Miss alexander. We think of her lack of knowledge, and I hope that Sunday she wakes up, she smells, the coffee and realize how blessed she is to be an American citizen to have received and American education, even though she didn't learn squat when a game going to college. We got ourselves a big case from the F B I. Now, I started referring to this one as soon as broke like what two hours back or earlier in the day Hollywood privilege calling. Hey, Hollywood privilege because they mentioned that some Hollywood act doors or actresses were in caught up in this mess that let me get the quick right up on the. FBI in federal prosecutors in Boston. They've charged. Fifty people, including coaches at universities administrators at universities, big-name, universities administrators of entrance exams. College entrance exams. It's a nationwide college admission recruitment scheme and cheating scandal. Now, the FBI released the documents on this thirteen individuals have been indicted, and if I go a little further down on this. I think this is the SI a credit sl for this one pulled this one real quickie act doors, Felicity Huffman of desperate housewives wjm. I apologize. I don't remember the faith. And now never was a big fan of desperate housewives. I not not a big fan teeny period. Man, if it's not Star Trek. Or maybe at one point. I got addicted to the sci-fi version of battle star galactica. That's about him or twenty four. I used to watch a twenty four episode. I don't watch much television. I don't got time for it, man. Especially now with the two kids. So actress, Felicity Huffman of desperate, housewives fame and Lori Loughlin. I wonder who this kid is where she's not a kid anymore. How he sees a period in older pair now she's got college kid from full house. Everybody remembers that back in the ninety nine full house. Charged in in this admission scheme recruitment scheme. The college entrance exam scheme. According to FBI documents show that the FBI record all this tonight. Good. They actually have phone conversation. They got audio on this phone calls with both actresses and a witness who is cooperating with authorities. They discuss the scheme. Man as good the two have been charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. And honest services mail fraud. Well, that's a charge. I've never seen before honest services, mail fraud of all the laws that are in the books. That's a new weather never heard before. This scheme. Which was allegedly running from twenty eleven to present day as per. Court documents some of the universities named by the FBI today. Oh, no university taxes that that that Wake Forest university of San Diego, Yale UCLA, Stanford. Georgetown, USC some of the universities that were mentioned in the. And among the coaches indicted. Our current Stanford sailing coach John Vandermeer, a former coach Ed gale with the women's soccer team, a former Georgetown, tennis, tennis, coach and several USC Olympic sports coaches, the current UCLA men's soccer coach as well. Who's in Texas, Texas, men's tennis coach as part of this indictment as well. I check this out check this out. One student. Allegedly posed as a U S C lacrosse recruit despite the lack of a lacrosse team at the athletic program. Over at the school. It looks good. Well, it's the children of actors. What do you expect you could act the part it's convincing? Obviously, you're not winning any awards and Lord knows what's going to happen. As far as entrance. Or scholarship awards related to all the now, I heard some of my colleagues they were saying that the children or quote, unquote, children some of them likely did know what's going on. It was just mom or mom and dad because in this case moms because I just think moms here that are actresses were former actors is I don't think they've worked for a while. They're the ones who were involved in this game. And the ones that try to help junior get into college. Just shaking my hand. Listen to this thing this morning. I told you before if you've been listening long enough that the Dana show and every now, and then I have the high honor and privilege to help her buddy and come in here. And and just help out with the dog and pony show. For me. It's a dog and pony show that for her it's a big show for me. I just you know, just trying to entertain you for a little bit. Education is the great equalizer. Education is the great equalizer in this country. I I've been honored for the past decade plus to help in south Texas with one today is one of the leading charter school programs in the nation's called.

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