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Specially made for people have got those flight control things, but it's just bloody hard or you ships with pressure you. Constantly spots all thing just to be preview. A different ships is so great game but I do know that they all get in a update and the date is a little baby Yoda bobblehead that can sits on your coalpit has you'll find about how cool is. I know I'll probably get that when I got back called everyone is Federal Pascal the delorean I am here to kick off Mando Mondays. We are one week away from the second season of Amanda Laurean. But right now I just want to kick things off by looking at some Right I we have Your favorite Amanda Laurean the Child Doraville I missed you. Say. Is he supposed to move. Just give what you. Think people are GONNA lose their minds over this toy because of the paternal feeling it is inspiring in me at the moment. And Really. Sorry likes interrupt as I was saying I really WANNA to get back to the warmth of basically new. Loewe and stretch your legs for a couple of months off right now we're GonNa Funchal pop mandatory with the Child. All of the people that I've met they never take the fun go out of the box. My nephews do not take the phone goes out of the box. I. Take my phone call either box go. Oh my gosh I'm so glad I, took him out of the box because I didn't realize he's flying through the air with a jet pack with the Child. That's pretty. Rad near we have. What's this? This is incredible. This is super cool. This is upping the cool factor of the mandatory unlike isn't cool enough. And like I'm not cool enough this is. Cool keep this. Wow I mean better. Gas of you just said, it's Monday Monday and they've been released no end of new toys. Games and updates and all sorts of stuff and you've just heard from Pasco talking about the new Mando toys he's been looking up. So let's jump straight back into it and find out what else is coming though and welcome to the very first Mando Monday I'm Anthony Carboni from the Star Wars show and I'm Eddie Gutierrez also from the Star Wars show unsurprisingly the mandatory and captured the world's attention with its first season debut in new characters, planet ships, and most importantly the trial, which also coincidentally led to a whole new galaxy of Mando merchandise also have this elegant man mud from Disney parks with or without skull you got it. Looks like this mandatory Laureate Post, your book we also have this little golden book which I love because I grew up on little golden books and so it's wonderful to see the star. Wars Galaxy N it look at this but sometimes child protected him. Sometimes, the child protects us all right folks. But we know that you want to see more more toys more close more games, more of your favorite man delorean actors talking all things mandatory and we have that for you in just a moment but. We want to check out more of this new Mando Merch to this mando Monday marvelous -nificant, and now you are wearing a spirit Jersey that's been at the park for a little while comfy remained got the child on it. When more can you ask for? Yeah. But this one is brand new. We've got the Mando Bucket on the front here in foil you've got the mud horn insignia on the sleeve do they are comfortable and good but let's get down to business. Andy. Are you ready for a new funk Oh and a whole box full of brand new hasbro figures anti got this super cool flying mandatory and. Also got some new stuff from the Star Wars vintage collection that I really really love at this armor the three and three quarter armor I knew Gideon Giancarlo actually looks charming it's like you're looking at. Giancarlo. So cool and the dark saver with dark sabre. But that's not all we're doing today we'll be debut in more. I looks chatting of your favorite mandatory and stars and so much more knowing these are not the only vintage collection figures we have to look forward to, in fact, here's a look at more from the Hasbro's Star Wars. Vintage collection. So. What else are we? We've got the mandate, but the child easy silver on my skovde open daresay dove also got speed bike with and the scout troop a-, and he's also got the hat the little bag with the child in as well. So ekit either be punching holes spending with it. But it's not how you WANNA position in. That's for sure and also the three and three quarter figure range also got a my Delorean Caribou. It eleven kroll the child muff Gideon Grief Carnegie. You announced his name out the things. But each of these figures are being sold on Amazon target, Walmart Dockside Toys and Saint Earth be Bob, toy store and best buy I. NO DOUBT You. You'd be able to buy them in various toyshops in the UK Light Smith Toys really and talked about Smith. Toys. If you've preordered the star wars one APOL- kate machine you're probably find out but the preorder has dissipated into the Gone forever as I had preordered and now I haven't just disappeared. Who knows if you've got one preordered, send emails, dismiss toys and find out what's happened to it a where we're going to go. Look the way we're going to get is from like Ebay, those dreadful postage charges. Over the odds Abra go never tell the odds. So what else are we call for Mando Monday? Well, let's have a look at the digital side. Shall we you heard me talking about stalwarts squadrons in the updates? And you're going to hear it now but a little bit more detail that's got everybody. Christie may refer this week in Star Wars here to let you know about the bounty of mandatory and fund coming to your favorite video games gamers all over the world had logging hours of flight time in Star Wars squadrons, and Sume you'll be able to add more mando to your motor transportation we're talking. About Mando goodies, including new dashboard holograms and cockpit players featuring the bounty puck razor crest, and yes, there's even a child inspired bobble head and you can earn it all for free just by plane squadrons when the content launches in game on October Twenty eight over in Star Wars Galaxy of heroes, the men Laurien is returning. Once again with quayle eleven grief car got an Caribou to complete the crew. Making their run on an imperial remnant outposts on Navarro start collecting. Quayle next week less mandatory and season two characters are coming this winter. Who could it be? You have to wait and see next up Sims free celebrating season two of the mandatory by giving players a free replica of the child. Now, all your sins can awe at the cuteness of the child and Sim town and if that isn't. Enough we have the first scoop from Zen studios on a brand new mandala worrying inspired table heading to star wars pinball. This beauty is a landmark twentieth table created for the game. It features story based missions following the man to Laurean as he collects bounties discovers the child and fights off imperial troops and as the. Cherry. On Top, you can play the table inside the cargo hold of the crest. The meadow man, this doesn't stop. There was the old Republicans getting new mandatory inspired gear weapons and more Disney ammonia blitzes. Welcoming back the Mando Child emojis plus a new math gideon villain event is coming to the game as well as an opportunity for players to win a chance collecting the new death trooper caradon and Mafia and emojis in the diamondbacks. Now, excusing gets games to go play. How cool is that I call to get that update for Starwood squadrons absolutely and stores pinball. Yeah. Let's play some bull now with saved best home last and that's the massive house lab raise a quest. That comfortable you have three three quarter figures it I'm cool. Does that It now. Weeks. AGO has lab revealed the prototype for their three and three quarter inch figure scaled razor crest for the star wars vintage line. Now, we already know that comes with Amanda Invest with a Soft Goods Cape Escape pod child figure with a hovercraft, but you haven't seen is what it looks like in color until now. Can is to say the coolers executive words, banks from this model to exactly line show. Now, all comes in pots you build it up looks fantastic. It's one of the largest vintage branch pickles and to be used it as a full cockpit and seats for three figures. It's also our rear ramp and side entrances as well inside. We have also got fully detailed weapons long of just like feature in the TV show. and. One of my particular favorites in Carbon Freezing Chamber, and you won't believe how highly detail the cargo pits covering everything you expect to see that you've seen on TV show is GonNa be this model is the Torrens was good two zero and Reagan as well. So that and also was a new mandate laureate figure of an exclusive soft goods. Hey. LASAGNA, right. So when you preorder rates and after so many thousands of whatever it is, it unlocks special features so. A. Ten, thousand Ben. exclusiveness skateboard from his. which infects it does has a nice little escape hot actually on top of the race Chris, which you don't see in the present series soy season one of the command line with. Its. Losses. And unlocked to is an exclusive the child figure whip ramp must been secured as well. Unlock number three is exclusive full carbonite blocks. So they're beat the guys that you already captured in season one of the first episode wings mode. Fastened I continue. coolest. Thirteen thousand backers. That's how cool that say because this will be a lot from neighborhoods. So be out soon, balm has. which is the stalls purchase. Hasbro pulse gambling. Absolutely, self twin and dad on laid. I. Did.

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