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And today, I am here with Jimmy Carter who is a field organizer for the Utah Democratic Party, and she's also active on Twitter where some of you may know her from hygiene me Kelly. How are you today? A little nervous, but styled up. All right. Awesome. Is so a have been looking forward to talking to you. Because anyone who's listening to this podcast for a really long time knows that I'm kind of in love with Utah. Democrats I think that Utah's one of those states where it's the most exciting to watch the Democrats sort of come into their own. And I I know you've been doing a ton of knocking doors, and so just kind of wanted to get some insight into what sorts of things you're hearing and seeing and feeling on the ground in Utah. And then also maybe give some advice to people who might be going out canvassing for the first time this weekend for the last weekend. So maybe could you tell people who who don't know you from Twitter just a sort of a little bit about yourself, and how you got involved in the Utah Democratic Party. Yeah. I like a lot of us. I was a little politically active before the last election, but the lost election hit and everything changed, and I became very involved in politics and through organizing a few marches. You know, got to know some people and applied when they Utah Democrats were hiring filled organizer thinking, no way, I was going to get this job. I've never done anything like that before. But they did hire me, and it's been an experience of a lifetime. I have amazing candidates. You know on the state level. Our federal candidates in Utah are doing more than any candidates. Ever have before in this state SRI and is just phenomenal Jenny Wilson is such an incredible person. We have the first Navajos on the ballot was team singer. And they're out knocking doors making phone calls. We have made over six hundred and fifteen thousand phone calls and doors knocked this year to put that in comparison in two thousand sixteen during a presidential campaign. We only hit over three hundred thousand so we have more than doubled the efforts in two thousand sixteen and that is so exciting to be a part of yet. That is really fantastic. I just I love the energy in Utah. And I think it's a place where you can really see the difference. I mean, those numbers are incredible. And so in places where there's been Democrats running in organizing for longtime, and it's just more. Now, it's not as easy to see that stark difference. But. That's really incredible. Yeah. And most of the people that we talked to they have never been canvassed by anybody Republicans have ignored them thinking, they're safe. Democrats have ignored them thinking we don't have a chance. So we're out talking to people who have never ever been engaged in this process before and that to me is just been amazing. They really do open their doors to you. They're willing to talk to you on the phone and most of the time they have a lot to say because they've never been heard before. And they're so grateful that somebody's taking the time to actually listen to what their concerns are what they have to say. And this is red blue independent. It doesn't matter. They want to talk. They want someone to listen. So are you guys talking to to basically everybody, you know, I know some sometimes campaign say, oh, we're just gonna talk to the Democrats and just focus on turnout. But it sounds like you. Are really just sort of trying to to do outreach. Everywhere. We are actually not talking to Democrats until this last week when we went to get out the vote before I would say about a week and a half ago, we only top two independent and Republican voters. And then of course, we would do Democrats who who typically don't vote, but we really were focused on reaching independent and Republican voters this year, and that and that to me has been just unbelievable because Utah is a very friendly states. And they don't the majority of people don't like what's going on. They don't like seeing families separated out the border. They don't like this seat full rhetoric that they're hearing from their leaders. They're very concerned about their health care, and these are all the issues that were hearing on the ground that, you know, their elected officials, even though and this is from the..

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