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And austin resident tim petrovic is four under david toms three under davis love to under and miguel anhil jimenez is also to under well probably played so well in the us senior pga championship a few weeks ago finished in second place and that one behind the englishman but ten patrol bec is just a steady player i know he plays a lot spanish oaks i think he plays in a lot of different courses in austin but what a steady guy he is dr martin budding and has played with patrol required often our friends who played for coach hanan the ut golf tournament he is so impressed by tim petrovic scoff gaming it's it's going to be a matter of time before he breaks out of something big but i can't wait to hear your segment with omar because i think omar you're at your se is going to be like a bank robber on the on the tour when he turns fifty and just a couple of months because he's got game to to go and go low as we know mark as the history of making birdies in a row so i think he's gonna be doing a great great things on on the champions tour i agree with you all right and over at lines down the street your friend alex l is shot nine hundred shot a sixty two in the alley firecracker today what he in here last week at the fifteenth club i think he was here pity now i think alex is in charleston he's the assistant coach for martin mcbride at the university of charleston yeah he's been he's been at the cabaret before the golfer's round table but we supply kid basketball where they went and west likened played for donald and college of charleston he's assistant coach there but that kids can really really plays golf there's no question already had gopher quick ski we'll have you back on the third segment and slalom this time don't use to scout okay early may try the oh barefoot skiing look at i'm that kind of guy that got skiing athlete as you brenton martin now but i've got a few minutes to get back on get back on the water and just try it okay sent some video we'll put it up on the fifteenth cliff all right i'll be back in a couple of segments that thing again okay thanks that was laughing lake brownwood from beautiful lake brownwood where the water is brown and the beer's cold and we're the golfer's round table that betty cabaret will be back with more in our next segment we'll have brent buckman and omar ristic looking for the fourth of july is coming up so i'm having a few buddies over for a barbecue to watch the fireworks we're going to be grilling and of.

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