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Bastard! Out of the day. Stat of the day comes that what stat of the day Uh, Here's the question. If you don't have a team, Is there a team worth rooting for? Because you see l A is not a Cinderella story. Just because of the history of U C. L A now this year, they are because they lost two of their Star players than another player. Go to the D League. Uh, I think that an injury as well. You know, they kind of well, they limped into the tournament, but you know they've caught fire. You know, it's different. When you see all that used to be the favorite. You're rooting for him or against him. So I would say U C l A would be fun to root for. Do you root for Gonzaga going undefeated and you root for Baylor to prevent Undefeated season. If those two meet, If you like redemption stories, Kelvin Sampson and Houston. Okay, maybe not. A tune in this team holds their opponents of 53 points per game. Yes, Tom, If you're not a fan of any of the four schools, I don't have to me. I got a route from Mark Few. They've come so close. They have been called a big major. All these years. I've been disrespected. He's got these guys so close to the finish line that can not only win the championship but do it in undefeated fashion, which hasn't been done since Bobby Knight 76 Indiana team. I'm all in on the jacks pulling this off. Yeah, I am, too, because I respect mark what he's done, how he's done it and I never understood why you were a mid major. Now, just because you weren't Duke or you weren't Kentucky or you weren't Michigan State, you were a mid major And it kind of started felt like it started with Gonzaga. They were the where they had the original mid major, or at least that designation. That label and it just felt like you were inferior. Like, uh, you know, you get to come into Thanksgiving, but you sit at that table. You got the kids table over there and then every year Never failed. We would have a so called mid major who would do some real damage. They would they would, you know, start doing damage to your brackets. Yes, he is a mid major more about the conference in the school. Well, but if Gonzaga is a a powerhouse, then there's still a mid major. Given the conference that there is right, right? Yes, which isn't fair to them. Because they're not a mid Their conference might be mid major. They're not. They're basketball powerhouse, but you're right it. It's kind of like this. Can you be both? Can you be a basketball powerhouse while you play in a sub standard conference? Yeah, it'd be fun in three years or talk about Gonzaga, Gonzaga again. There are bully they roll over these little teeth. They have to win next weekend to get there. There's still lovable until they win the title. But two years from now that they're getting all the recruits would be nice if somebody else other than Gonzaga got in there. Yes, club like Villanova and 85 would've been in mid May. They had all the earmarks of a mid major except that they were in the Big East. But nobody said UNLV was a mid major. That's so true. They were never in the major. No. But they didn't play in a great conference, did they? No, that's why they were undefeated. But we didn't allow them to be on their own on it. Well, I guess we did. You know, we never said all of Yeah, but they don't play anybody. Now They're a mid major. I don't even know if we knew what you know who came up with mid major That the power five I'm gonna guess they had something to do with it. By the way, the power five is not a real thing. That's not a real phrase. It's not a term like the power five football conferences that's not recognized term. It's just become And what we say like the Big 10. They're not actually bigger right? But the big ten's and copyright phrase actual Thailand the power If I was not real, it's a way to keep others out. Yeah, they're doing a good good. Good job. Great job. Yeah, but I look at Gonzaga as a on par with any of these other schools. We just look at Kentucky. And you look at Duke and you go. Well, they get the one and donors, you know, they get the great players there, Okay? Not this year, but they do. Gonzaga has gotten very good players. They just haven't had a player who could be the number one pick in the draft. And you may have that this year, but you've had guys who play in the NBA. And you have a coach who has been offered jobs elsewhere around the country and decided to stay there. I've great respect for that What he's been able to do there. All right, Jesse in Los Angeles, I just what's on your mind today? They date but Really like Carl. I kind of got a pin it for a second here now. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It is a great day and a great morning to be a Bruin to fly the colors the blue and gold. Hi. I couldn't be more proud of that team. It wasn't pretty, but it was impressive to see their new back roads, new favorite player, Johnny Jews and go off And they played great team defense. No, Gonzaga. They're you know, they're they looked unbeatable. I think they're 14 Point Favorito open, But I'm gonna enjoy this for the next few days. I hope those young men do, too. I hope they realize how important this moment is. What it's done for the program. You say basketball back, baby. Go brew it E could just Johnny Juicing the lead U C L A to the upset. He scored 28 of you. CLS 51 points. The second. You see l a player ever to score at least half of his team's points in an N C a a tournament game yesterday if they could find a way to pass over the sags. I really okay. Just come down the next. Okay. You can do that. I'm not even going to go. I'm not gonna go there. With with Johnny's name and Passover coming up, Bill Walton scored 44 of you see Ella's 87 points in the national title game Back in 1973. Yes, Pole. Here's some irony. Johnny Jews sang his older brother. His name is Christian Jew saying, Hey, play for Harvard. One of the That's fantastic irony. I love it. I'm not even making that up. I wish I was. Now it is he the.

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