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That is the one thing please, can you when we do this podcast with you from our that's just we have to open with with how we got to this point because college basketball can be so fun and so ridiculous. And like only the sport would have a do Hanky spanky. What are we talking about? He got eleven points and ten rebounds last night in that lost it, Wisconsin. He's averaging ten and six right now like you said he was a d two player of the year last season at fair state. And I promise you I will report from Maui. I will have the the full Hanky panky story by let's say Monday night at the latest. I fly there on Saturday settled on Sunday games start at like nine AM local time, which is awesome. What would you say? That's awesome. I think that's great. Because then you're done you'll be done early relatively speaking. You know? Yeah. I'd rather be. I'd rather start late. They'd be done early. But whatever whatever I'm going to be in paradise. Who cares? It'd be impaired is with expand in Zion me Hanky panky Zion. So how about this? What if I start a story on a podcast like this? So me Hanky panky Zion walked into a bar. Well, they're both underage so yes, it would actually be pretty interesting from the get go there. Although I think that I on short of Fort Knox. I can pretty much walk into any place. He wants at this point who's gonna sign. It can't come in. Exactly you'll eat to heal. He'll just say he'll eat you. Yeah. He could be looks good. Don't you think? He's a yes, or no I could eat another human yesterday. If you wanted to I'm not saying desires humans or human flesh like gun to head Zion. Do it or pulling the trigger could Zion? Eat another human. I say, yes, we haven't dipped into cannibalism on the pod. And at least two or three years. So this has been overdue for a subject topic. And there's no doubt about it. I'm gonna go. Yeah. I think so. Yeah. What what if Siahaan Etang him, explain key in Maui? Would that be a story? Would that give me on CBS sports HQ? I think it would get you on sports HQ. And if you're not watching by the way, you should be watching CBS sports HQ, you can check it out on any device that broadcast pretty much anything. CBS four pairs on it, I'm on it. And we're going to pretty much daily college hoops season picks up. So that was just a sneak in a little bit of a plug, and it is genuinely awesome. I think you will enjoy it. If you haven't checked it out already trivia time norlander. Fire away. What league right now has more top forty can palm teams than any other league. Well, the fact that your first of all full disclosure, I love our unprompted trivia didn't know this was coming. The fact that you're asking this makes me think that it's not the ACC, and it's not the big twelve now at the start of the season. You said SEC would be a top two league. I will say SEC. But that's just because I think you setting it up because you think the SEC is going to be a top two league. Am I right? Could not. I mean, you could be more wrong. But you're you're definitely way Ron the five top forty right now, which is low. It's the big ten why the big ten has ten top forty Kim pom teams right now. I noticed this. Because when I up the top twenty five and one I've got a bunch of big teams in there. And so I just went over to Kim onto like always keep a close eye on everything, but I was out of the my Atta sorts here and the big interesting. They don't they might not have great team..

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