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Mind Libo Malveaux. Training was almost over soon. John will give him his first real mission. Not Too far away in Tacoma. I said Nichols had been keeping in touch with mildred Muhammad having different conversations. Probably maybe wants twice a month as she begins to reestablish her life after eighteen months without her children. I was glad all the drama with John. Seemed to be over and that the kids were back with their mom. My life was so intertwined with her in terms of her children and keeping her alive and keeping her safe. Now I'm faced with where I left off in my life. I had her own struggles at home. Her NIECE KENYA. Cook had just gotten out of an abusive relationship before they had fought but they had a baby. Now now. She's scared for the baby and she's decided to leave and I said yes. I'll take her home. She can come with me so now I have her murder three month old child my teenage daughter. Who's now fourteen and my husband and it's working. I'm very proud of her. She's Enrolling in school. She had gotten a job got up to a supervisory position and the baby's thriving kin you saving money. She was helping me around the house. We go shopping together and different things of that nature and one day February. Sixteen two thousand two. We went grocery shopping in. I was GonNa make some chicken Tacos that I do pretty good and we forgot the TACO shells and so I was going back to the store a token you to watch the food in the pot. 'cause I was boiling the chicken. And she said Okay Auntie and I left them a fourteen year old. Who was asleep over decided? She didn't WanNa stay so she called me and asked me to come pick her up an idea and then we went to the store. We were gone about an hour hour and a half and I pull in our driveway. Remote control wasn't working so I sent my daughter into the house to open the garage door. And I'm waiting. Garage door doesn't open. My daughter finally comes back to the car and she's standing there and it's starting to rain and I said. Hey what are you doing? My daughter has the look of trauma on her face. I said maybe what is it. What's wrong she said. Mommy Kenyans lying on the floor and the house is all smokey so I go to the house and just says she said. My niece was lying on the floor. In the doorway and house was covered with smoke the pot in its contents had disintegrated and melted. And so somehow by the grace of God I was able to get. That stove turned off all that heat. My daughter standing in the doorway just staring are called nine one one. I ran upstairs to check on the baby because I'm thinking that they had succumbed to smoke inhalation and so I ran upstairs and the baby was on the edge of the bed. All around her was the diaper ninety. Warm bottle was still there in. I didn't know if the baby was alive or not. I didn't know if the baby was breathing in so I touched they gently and she jumps up and she's screaming where she left off so I grabbed the baby. Thi- bird took the baby downstairs and handed the baby to my daughter told her to go to the neighbors and Went Back to Kenya. God overcame his body and I saw little and a little old interface. I stayed there. I had already called nine one one and I can hear the ambulance background. They're on their way. I'm talking to Kenya hanging there and I'm praying and I'm telling ELP is coming and the ambulance get there and I'm sitting going to step. And they come into the House and they get her body in a pool earn from before you into the living room where they start working on her trying to reviver may finally say she's gone and I just put in dismay. I couldn't process what they meant by saying she's gone and I saw where King's head have made the bull case. It was still dare. I just saw blood the back of her head. That just been blown out. I just went into a cold state. I was just on autopilot. I was just following commands. A according to Lee's autobiography that very same night John Muhammed gave Lee. His first test is okay. This is what I need to do. I want you to go there. I want to talk to this. Lee Says John. Drove him to a house ranting about politics and wars necessary sacrifices. John dropped leaof and told him he'd be watching. Lee was wearing a dark hoodie and he was holding a brown paper bag. He tried to calm himself as he walked up to the house he knocked on the door and after a short delay it opened. A young woman greeted him. He said good evening is Mrs Nichols in. He remembered that she seemed lonely and eager to talk. She gave him a long answer explaining that I wasn't home. John had prepared for this possibility. I have a message for Harley said. He reached into the Brown paper bag and pulled out a forty five caliber pistol one. They borrowed from Earl Dante. John had told lead to visualize his own face on top of hers just like him a training. Here's what Lee wrote about that moment in his autobiography read by a voice actor a voice deep inside me said don't don't don't I thought Lee. You cannot face John. Unless you do this. I pointed the forty five caliber gun to her face and in an instant I saw not her but me my old self that I hated. That scared hurt self that night. Lee Boy Malveaux died. I pulled the trigger in an instant. She too was gone next time on. Monster. Dc sniper was certain. There's these helicopters flying. All over the Tacoma community they actually say the DC is linked to tacoma again. A notice found this time. It's an angry note. You did not respond to the message. You departed from what we told you to say. You're incompetent has cost you another wife. We need to find these guys and we need to do it now. She's got sources telling her that they're getting close that they have names and that they have a vehicle that they're looking for by about nine thirty ten o'clock at night we had. We knew who we were looking for. We knew what they were in. We just didn't know where to find them winter. We release the information about the caprice to the media. Police were there to see John Muhammed. Shoda while we were down there we got a call on I. Seventy in northern Maryland. They believed that the snipers are there. And they're waiting to move in monster. Dc sniper is a fifteen episode podcast hosted by Tony Harris and produced by iheartradio in tender foot TV. Frederick Alex Williams are executive producers on behalf of iheartradio alongside producers trevor? Young Ben Keyboard and Josh. Thane pain Lindsey and Donald Bri are executive producers on behalf of tender foot. Tv alongside producers. Meredith steady and Christina Dana. Original music is by makeup and vanity. Set this episode included segments of a phone interview with Lee Boyd. Malvo conducted by journalist. Josh White this interview was from the Washington Post. Copyright Two Thousand Twelve The Washington Post. All rights reserved used under license. This episode also included a passage from Lee Boyd Malveaux autobiography the diary of the DC sniper reenacted by actor Alec Bay. This episode included a recorded interview of Earl. Don Say provided by the Tucson. Police Department. Earl Dante was contacted by our team for this podcast but he did not respond for comment. Jimi hendrix Jim Morrison Janice Joplin. Kurt cobain amy wine house and many more musical icons all died at the age of twenty seven scandalous torture. Dramatic incredibly talented. These artists torched a wild path to their early graves and shifted and shaped our culture. 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