Should My Child Eat Sausages?


You may wish to look at sausages a little bit more closely so for example not all sausages will be the same now. I used to think that that all sausages were bit off or would fall under the umbrella of processed meat. But i attended. There's lovely webinars hosted by the experts from cancer research. Uk and they said is that if your sausage or the sausage you tend to buy is mostly based on high-quality meat and it has very little preservatives and additives then it will actually be considered accounted as a weekly portion of red meat. Now i find that really fascinating and reassuring bakers. I tended to count all sausages as process me. But of course that's not quite wide if you buy your sausages from your local butcher or maybe you get these really you based on where you lead. Perhaps you have access to farmers and lovely local producers and butchers and you probably get some really really high quality sausages. So yes the overall message is that we should all be eating less red meat. But you don't need to avoid sausages shares have a be really mindful of the type of sausage. You buy and pick once with less additives and perceptive so you do need to read food labels

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