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So on that fateful day in eighteen eighty nine when she was bushwack my rebel surely died on that dirt road. Shut off her Horse Bell Star Road On. That's for me it's all about and that's what I will continue to do. Thank you so much for coming on to chat about Davy Crockett and David Crockett and starting to separate some of the fact from the fiction that we saw in the movie now. I know there's a lot more that we could never hope to cover on a single episode but that leads us right into your book that you mentioned David Crockett. The lion of the West can share a little bit more information about your book and where someone listening can pick up a copy. Sure David Carpet. Lion of the West has been on for a few years now is published by Norton Migrate Publisher in New York. And you can buy an literally anywhere. Of course a lot of books. People buy on Amazon but in better bookstores. If they don't have it they will certainly artery. You can go online. It's still very very much imprint. The lion of the West and I hope folks enjoy your time. Michael my pleasure. This episode of based on a true story was produced by me. Dan Lab. I'd like to thank Michael Wallace once again for coming on the show. If you WANNA learn more about the history behind the Real David. Crockett go grab. Michael's book called David Crockett the lion of the West. But that's just one of Michael's books as he mentioned at the end there. He's working on his twentieth book. So there's plenty more great stories from history that he's written about. I'll make sure to add a link to that book and we can learn more about all of Michael's books in the show notes for this episode as well as on. The show is home on the web based on a true story. Podcast DOT COM. Okay now it's time for the answer to our two truths and a lie game from the beginning of the episode as a refresher here are the two truths and one lie number one Davy. Crockett was responsible for the peace negotiations that ended the war with the Creek nation number two Davy Crockett was captured at the Alamo and later killed by order of General Santa Anna Number. Three the Real David. Crockett met a theatrical version of himself called Nimrod wildfire. Did you find out which one is ally. Let's start with the end number three. That is true as Michael explained the subtitle of his book. David Crockett the line of the West. The subtitle being the line of the west part that comes from a play where at one of the shows in Washington DC. The Real Crockett met a theatrical character called Nimrod wildfire that was based on his life. Well perhaps a more accurate way to phrase that would be that the plays character was based on all the tall tales written about Davy Crockett Adventures. That brings us to number two. That is also true as Michael explained the movie showing fess. Parker's version of Davy. Crockett going down at the Alamo swinging. Old Betsy over. His head is not true. What really happened was that Mr Crockett was captured and later killed at the order of General Santa Anna. That means the lie is number one. The movie tries to make it seem like Davy Crockett. Some sort of a peace negotiator that ended the war with the creeks. What is Michael? Explained is just not true at all that just about wraps this episode before we go the last thing I like to do on each episode is share. How much time and effort went into creating the episode now. I know that's not something that most podcast do. And that's exactly why I'm sharing this information. Maybe if you find out how much time and money goes into creating podcast like mine. Then maybe you'll start to appreciate all the podcasts that you listened to for free just a little bit more with that said. Today's episode took a total of twenty five hours to create and cost thirty two dollars and nineteen cents in out of pocket expenses. And as I always do I want to make it clear that time and cost is only my time for this one episode so that does not include the countless hours of guest time researching the subject matter that we talked about nor does it include any of my ongoing costs for example the monthly podcast and website hosting costs. It also doesn't account for any of the time outside of writing researching and producing this one individual episode so for example. I mentioned the website time it takes to maintain the website. And things like that. If you enjoyed today's episode. I hope you'll consider helping. Support the next episode over. At based on a true story PODCAST DOT COM SLASH SUPPORT. And as a bonus. You'll get access to hours of exclusive content on the producers feet. Were UP TO OVER FORTY MINNESOTA. That talk about how completely fictional movies depict history and even more exclusive content. It's all just a way of saying thank you for helping me. Keep the lights on here based on a true story just a little longer. Now if you're not able to support the show monetarily no problem at all. I'm so happy to you giving me some of your precious time for the last hour or so and I hope you've enjoyed this time together as much as I have. In the meantime you'd like to add to the story hop onto the based on a true story facebook group or you can reach out to me directly on twitter where. I'm at Dan Lab D. A. N. L. E. F. E. B. have social media. Isn't your thing you can shoot me a good old fashioned email at Dan at based on a true story PODCAST DOT com until next time. Thanks so much for listening and I'll chat with you again really soon..

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