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Then he was saying it was going to be over by easter of this year just in a couple of weeks it is now obvious that john dowd was wrong i mean disastrously wrong this is going to go on at least until the november midterm elections and more likely into the early parts of two thousand nineteen depending on how well the democrats do in november and so down was the one that kept saying cooperate cooperate cooperate because eventually mueller is going to exonerate you and politically naive pushing a policy essentially of appeasement regarding mueller and a special counsel john dowd i think now is on his way out because for the most part trump fired him you know basically saying i need you to resign don't have me fire you and the big change is what i talked about a few days ago his decision trump's decision to bring on board joseph digenova joseph degen uva is a brilliant former federal prosecutor he is a well known highly respected washington lawyer he is also a ferocious principled conservative a big trump supporter who knows where the bodies are buried in washington he is also the put it crudely he's an italian italian american he's a fighter he's a street fighter he's not a lay down and a piece kind of a guy and so what you need now is a wartime conciliatory an italian american consiglieri and the mold of the jennifer or rudy giuliani or whoever somebody who's not afraid to go in the trenches duke it out and get his hands dirty in order to defeat the enemy and so what you're now seeing is a transition within the trump legal team where we're going from peacetime to political wartime and joe joe digenova has now been advising the president i think correctly that mueller is now engaged in a scorched earth campaign that mueller is out to get the president at any and all costs and he will manufacture whatever crimes he thinks he can manufacture in order to try to indict the president to pave the ground for impeachment and so the geneva strategy has been if they're going to burn you down you burn them down expose the deep state goal after me expose all the crimes of the fbi and mccabe and call me and loretta lynch and the steele dossier and the.

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