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Whereas the pagers are going to say, well, let's just look at last year. You're not comparable. And that's going to be, that's going to be the sticking point. And generally, the players win those when those conversations. Because some team somewhere is going to buy into, would you call me Myers has been more consistent and maybe he still has on top potential and we like that. I don't think the Patriots would be that team because they're generally not that team. But that's where it gets interesting to me. I look at him 8 million per year, probably about right, because again, I think he still does have value. But his special if the patrons are going to do this whole Shanahan thing on offense, they need guys who can create after the catch, and that's just he's not that kind of receiver. He ceases to be a scheme fit. If they're going to go that way. And you're not going to pay somebody that kind of money who is potentially going to get schemed out of your system. So that's where Matt with Jacoby right now. I think this is a big year for him. You know, I say this all if you're taking notes on what I'm saying to try to cold take me, write it in pencil. I'm saying this all in pencil. This is all subject to change. But as we sit here today, that's how I feel about it. I have concerns about extending Jacoby Myers for too much money because you mentioned the yards after catch I have a stat right here from pro football focus. I looked up receivers that had over a hundred targets last year. So we're talking about high volume guys, right? A hundred plus targets. There was 37 of them. And yards after catch per reception on average. Jacoby Myers was 36th at a 37 receivers in yards after catch per reception. And yards per route run. So just taking the amount of routes that he ran divided by yards, he was 31st at a 37 in that high volume category. So.

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