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Bring in the world of sport Let's get to Dan Schwartzman sedan is a Premier League star heading to Barcelona Possibly yes Brian Spanish publication sport reports that leads united star winger rafinha has agreed to personal charge to Barcelona for a summer transfer now cam no does have to greet her transfer fee with the Premier League club who have already turned down a €35 million off for now what's being reported is that it could be some money as well as defenseman Oscar men geza going back to the Premier League Meanwhile mundo Deportivo says that barsa could let leading goal scorer Memphis depay leave this summer for around €45 million with Tottenham the favorite to sign the Netherlands international Netherlands manager Louis von hall says in an interview that he has told Ajax Amsterdam boss Eric ten hogg to stay away from the Manchester United job although ten hug interviewed for the position last week von hall managed the Red Devils from 2014 to 2016 and believes that too much of a focus of managing men use to make money It's really a commercial job as he called it rather than preparing the players for matches Meanwhile foot Mercado reports that Old Trafford has met with current PSG Boston Mauricio Pochettino in their search for a permanent manager NBA scoreboard local teams in action at the half the New York Knicks at home leading Chicago 53 to 50 at the half Boston trails Toronto at his 59 to 58 heading to the second quarter Memphis Grizzlies in early 20 to 16 lead over the Golden State Warriors I'm Dan schwarzman that you're Bloomberg world sports update Juliet All right thanks so much Dan coming up We're going to join Bloomberg opinion columnist Matthew broke He's writing about how Hong Kong's top down COVID policies are undermining the city's individual resilience and adaptability also keeping an eye on market action early this Tuesday here in Asia We are seeing some upward momentum in the equity markets then it came to two 5 is up by around 8 tenths of 1% as is Australia's.

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