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Promote community involvement. Over 19 restrictions in Baltimore could soon be relaxed. Mayor Brandon Scott said this morning. He'll review coronavirus data this week and will make an announcement on Friday regarding current restrictions on business is the Baltimore City Health Department says there has been a 19% decrease in cases over the last four weeks. However, current numbers do not reflect transmission from all winter holiday travel. Man faces attempted murder charges at the Baltimore Police say he tried to kill two women over the weekend. 36 year old Eric Terry shot both victims Sunday morning at a Bonner road home. Both victims were taken to a hospital in their current condition is unknown. Ah police canine in Bel Air Police Department officially retired canine blitz started his golden years January 2nd Bellaire Police say the canine was part of 120 narcotics searches had 110 patrol deployments and performed over 25 canine demonstrations of public events in downtown Baltimore. 42 degrees on Michael Philip Ili 6 80 Wcbm nailing me on the phone right now is Ronnie McMullen, proprietor of Get the t dot com Ronnie Light changed. He has been a huge hit. Why are people loving it so much? Well, it starts with you the world of the unknown right now, and people's gut can and gets messed up, So it's really a great digestive aid and Makes things kind of get moving again and give you a little bit of energy. So people are loving it it is you the tea and get the t dot com You have a whole bunch of immunity, boosting supplements and right at the beginning of cold and flu season. That's wildly important. Absolutely. We have things like heart love, which is great for cardiovascular but really good for immunity because it has Alison And then we have the actual Alison Advance. One pill is equal to 40 cloves of garlic, except you don't smell like garlic. So it's really a powerhouse when it comes to keeping the cold and flu at bay And right now, if you go to get the T done, come and you enter promo code hunter at checkout. You not only get pre fast shipping, you get 10% off all non sale items get the t dot com Promo code.

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