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President Trump is reacting to last month's unemployment numbers with only twenty thousand jobs create jobs report for February on the heels of big hiring in January. The president reminding Americans that everything has to be averaged and noting wages went up slightly last month. He also continues to try to boy stock markets with comments that negotiations for a trade agreement with China are going will still the deal remains elusive. Don't make very good deal for our country. The trade war with China has not escalated with higher tariffs after the president delayed threaten twenty-five percent levies on selected Chinese imports. Bob Costantini, the White House might ask communications director Bill shine has resigned and will join the Trump reelection campaign as a senior adviser he was a six person in the top communications role and US air force secretary. Heather Wilson has stepped down to return to academe Lia. Chelsea Manning has been sent to jail for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks banning refused to answer questions about her twenty ten public disclosures of military and diplomatic secrets President Trump will be touring tornado ravaged eastern, Alabama today is cleanup continues with Sean Wilson says Lee county residents will move forward by helping each other. Area is just a rural loving community. And I'm just counting on faith that it'll keep a strong hold together. And we'll make it through recovery. Efforts are underway. But more storms may be on the horizon. Forecasters say more severe weather could becoming this weekend, including to central Alabama..

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