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Police gunfire in the Bronx ever nine and one man is critical the information still coming in but we know this happened just after twelve thirty AM at least a hundred sixty seventh street in Philly Avenue in the concourse section at an early morning news conference chief of patrol faster the chart as the two officers responding to a call of a person with the gun when I got there he says they told the man to show his hands and instead he pointed the weapon at them and they opened fire the offices immediately rendered aid to the suspect and requested an ambulance to the scene EMS responded and transported the suspect to an area hospital was listed in critical condition and the response offices were also transported to a local hospital for evaluation an imitation firearm was recovered at the scene the weapon is described as a fake gun of the band at a tax of course they've tended wins for the latest on this developing story we're learning more about with a thirteen year old boy turned in the stabbing death of a Barnard College freshman is telling police at a hearing yesterday a detective testified that that suspect told me did not attack Tessa majors but he did pick up a knife and headed to the teenager who did the detectives as a boy with with two fourteen year olds Wednesday in the thirteen year old has his friends put majors in a chokehold and stabbed her he described feathers flying from the young woman's jacket the boy who is sure to felony murder and other offenses is being held in juvenile detention police are questioning another suspect but there's no confirmation on any other arrests so far in Morningside park is a make shift memorial to majors who is eighteen and from Virginia she played in a rock band that apparently played to study for journalism her family put out a statement saying they're devastated security is also been tightening the area city council member mark Levin well the fifty officers of the precinct are now circling the perimeter twenty four seven this about the police and the park the boys and gave a tearful interview to The Daily News she says she's sorry for major center family that knows her nephew didn't do this the post is reporting this morning that a Columbia students Monday knife point the same spot in late August by three teenagers unclear if it's related with articles of impeachment against president trump said to come up for full house vote next week some Democrats are raising questions about the person who will be in charge of a Senate trial especially after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told fox news there is no chance the president's going to be removed from office and he is coordinating with the White House counsel the president is called the voting bears many tweets stormed against it also yesterday Rudy guiliani came to the White House apparently to talk about his most recent trip to Ukraine wins the sense.

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