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Young people are like what what's that movie classic movie watch but um he was like the old older dad he was even those as they ran hiding cleveland yes 10man he was eight men out he was in suspected he won a tony award in 1980 sana sang allied go how natalie portman wrapped again on saturday night live and she was pretty great oh she is she actually lies in there is a new saturday multivote masters be going crazy my dvr yeah tina fey and rachel dragged were on rare show to raji were that was kind of a funny scared i thought it wasn't going to be but it's sort of was and it was about the patriots ego is it was good and yeah now we portman quasi rap and the weekend update was good i just kind of fast forward you know he's not everything works out everything learned on but it was pretty good yard kelly jenner gave birth last thursday and she released in eleven minute video on super bowl sunday march of her fans were missing are eleven and she know they were watching the super bowl yes maybe that's it and they're like hey listen to it on this what are we going to do yeah this'll be a perfect dad for all the people who are no i mean it is kind of amazing how that family thinks are elmadi thanks so what's next four forty year old tom brady after the super bowl loss at least get us he's going to play in next year's who play again yep that's what's next year that is exactly right that's what the tax because people are saying now you're gonna retire what now and play next year into he's so good uh pink nail the national average sweden the replay at she was uh yeah i could be timed hour we got we can't played all but we now a little bit here we are going to rachet back the flow in the food and win one knows loss man her.

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