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Uh, again, we have the interview coming up that you guys did with Dom Tiano, which is a really exciting. I, uh, at this point we'll say that, uh, I guess this is kind of it for me. Uh, but I will not be a stranger Mark and grace. Uh, you ever need me back for a little bit? Let me know. But, um, Sort of, as they started the hour, I really appreciate everything. It, uh, you guys have done for me and grace. It's been a pleasure, uh, spitting hot takes with you and, um, getting you sort of going here. I think you're absolutely crushing everything that you're doing. And, uh, it was a pleasure to have you on board. So I wish you guys the best of luck and being anything, obviously reach out. But, uh, yeah, I guess this is, this is where we play the Sarah McLachlan music. Absolutely. I'm going to miss you, Steve. Uh, thanks again for everything that you've done. Um, I do want to mention that the, uh, the interview coming up, uh, with Dom Tiano is sponsored by, uh, action electronics. And if you have that read right there, Steve. Sure. Do for over 30 years, action electronics, a Walpole mass company has been the leading source of value added time -saving supply chain solutions. You can visit them online at action, electronics .com. You can get their customer service a call as well. 5 0 8 6 6 8 3 1 3 1 and follow the company's social media accounts. Facebook electronics action on Twitter, AE supply chain on Instagram, uh, action electronics. You know how those social media sites work. Just go up to the search bar, type it in, bang. It'll pop right up. You can also follow them on YouTube. They have their own YouTube channel at election at action electronics TV. Uh, so yes, this interview comes to us courtesy of, uh, action electronics. We appreciate them and on to Dom Tiano. All right. As mentioned, uh, early in the program, uh, we do have a very special guest, uh, this, uh, this afternoon, we're recording on Saturday, uh, before the 2023 NHL draft comes up. And, uh, this guest appearance is brought to you by action electronics. The great folks at action electronics, bring in the amazing Dom Tiano. Good friend, longtime friend. And this has been a long time waiting. My man, I know you've been super, super busy covering the show. But now it's the off season. So your, your downtime has created a lot of time and, uh, enough time to come on to the program with, uh, grace and I, and I'm sorry, Steve couldn't make it this, this afternoon, but, um, we appreciate your time in discussing the upcoming entry draft that's going to be happening, uh, from Nashville. Uh, starting on Wednesday night with round one, we know the Bruins don't pick in round one. But rounds two through seven will be on Thursday. And you wrote a great article that I'd like to, uh, talk about, uh, certain things, um, but, um, welcome back, uh, Dom, I hopefully you are well. And, uh, again, I truly appreciate this opportunity to talk about the prospects days before the entry draft happens. Yeah, I always, always happy to be on mark grace. Yeah, you guys know that, um, yeah, it's been, it's been a long season, uh, you know, covering primarily the Ontario hockey league, uh, that's over, uh, you know, the

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