Halo Infinite Will Be Released 'Holiday 2021'

Talking Tech


Hey listeners mike schneider here and i'm brett molina and welcome back to talking tech. So he three is nearing end and we thought it would be a good time to talk about what we think. The biggest announcements of the video game show have been so far. Sounds good brett. Well you know me. I'm always interested in in halo and we saw the game halo infinite. We know it's going to have a free online multiplayer game now. The game supposedly coming out this holiday season. We didn't see a lot we saw. You know what looks like. It could have been a a pre rendered video. But maybe there's game playing there. You couldn't really tell. I wish there'd been a specific date for it. Even though it said you know coming out holiday. I hope that doesn't suggest this game could be delayed again. I can't imagine them delaying it. Only because it's the twentieth anniversary of

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