A highlight from Episode 7: The Unlikely Journey of a Civic-Minded Tech Ninja


We're bringing you stories of folks following their passion to carve their own career path in a digital age software engineers data. Scientists are the unsung heroes. That make all of our convenient technology possible and while they dedicate their careers to making all of our lives easier. They often go unnoticed. We'll today we talked to a standout tacky whose love for science took her from jobs and computing to government agencies to working with nonprofits on the front lines of the pandemic today as someone who admittedly thinks that rumors and siri will take over the world. At some point he was pretty reassuring to hear that our interview today is not on team bro apocalypse. Absolutely my goal certainly out to leverage data science on a in service of humanity. This is a fool. The filigrees i am the chief program officer at nine base. Just outside of the dc area fool is a wildly talented software engineer with a pretty fascinating work history. She's currently more managerial roll. Data kind a nonprofit organization that connects organsations in the social sector with technology and scientists. That can help them do their jobs. More efficiently kind housed in partnering with a couple of different organizations and a couple of different african countries online frontline health systems frontline health systems. Basically you know when you go to the doctor and you've got to fill out tons and tons of information every time explaining your medical history or past doctors you've seen. That process really bogs down. Frontline health workers at least over fifty percent of the frontline health workers time is spent accessing and updating patient records instead of caring for patients and so he can look at. How do we improve the integrity of these systems. You can then let frontline. Health workers do the things they want to do which is to care for patients of the things that are most trained for Road to a lot of data kind of this work has been I mean your job. Essentially right now is to make other people's jobs easier. Gabby you get somebody up that

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