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Cool guy with the commerce city police. Oh, cool. That's great. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Kyle keen what's going on Jeanne? Hi com that my brother Steve Allee told me give you a call. I love Steve. What is he doing? Steve Allee used to be a mortgage broker that I endorsed many years ago many years ago, and he's a good guy. He was a broker an independent broker, and I forget the name of his years ago anyway mortgage American mortgage corporation years ago, and then he got into oddly enough promoting MMA fights. Yeah, he sold that. And he moved to Florida and Hindus wife and kids are just happy as all get out. He's got a twenty one foot boat and just enjoying life. He retired that son of a retired still do. Mortgage, thanks down there. But he just wanted to go there, and I'm going to go see the Gannon where how old is he? I'm sorry. How old is he we're gonna be in Las Vegas in February for. For what birthday. You know, what there must be? They must be blocking it electrically every time. He says the age he gets blocked out just say the age right now, how old is he? Oh, okay. Not not a big. Hey, gene. Listen, you are calling me about an auto repair issue. What happened? Well, I have a little ninety six Chevy pickup truck, and I had some issues with the dash lights were flashing on and off and it was missing. And I said, well, this is cut some kind of curious I'm old school. I could fix things back in the old days. Well, you should have gone to Lakewood auto electrics, but yeah. Well, I looked it up on YouTube, and they could have been the onboard, computer. I said, okay. Well, I couldn't drive very much like hope somebody off of Craigslist by check a whole bunch of team. What are you kidding me? You went to Craigslist to find an auto. Well, had I had breaks down and starters and really not had a problem. And I feel for some of those guys, you know, they're just trying to make a few dollars. All right. I couldn't drive it. It wouldn't go. And I said, you know, this guy come out, and he hooked his computer up the thing under the dash and said, okay. Well, we've got about ten problems here. And I look like like an oscilloscope, and he said, well what you need to do is flash. Your computer and re Senate, and I checked with an auto shop, and they said it run about two hundred fifty to seventy five how much charge me three fifty. Yes. I can't do that. I can do. So without going through the whole thing. Just get to the part where he did it in screwed you. Yeah. He did it and I took off and it ran good. And then afternoon it did the exact same thing. And it ended up dying about a quarter mile from the shop is gonna take it to ended up at it to shop. And it was the alternator how much did you pay this guy on Craigslist three hundred twenty bucks, and it did nothing and the guy Dennis shop fixed the alternator for how much three hundred and three dollars. That's terrible. So what are you trying to do find the guy on Craigslist? I got his phone number. I try I called him numerous times, and he says views Berliner word know. Way way way. Did you pay by credit card? Yeah. Hey, man. I don't know what to say. I don't think there's too many Craigslist mechanics. Take credit cards. I'm not sure I'm not sure what we can do for you. I'm serious. I mean, I'm not I I feel bad for you, man. But you think we can find this guy guy? Well, hell I mean, you can't. I mean what? But finding them for what to kick his ass. I mean, what what are you gonna do? If you find him. Taking a small claims court okay to serve him. If you have a cell phone number. We have private investigators that can find address I do. Okay. I mean, you can hire one of those guys aren't what's that? Even gave me a business card. You know, does the business card have any location on it? None. Okay. You can put his name out here. And see and see if anyone knows them. Okay. And they'll contact us, and we'll contact you. What's his name? Jay, J, A Y. His last name. Don't know. That's not how come on, man. This is a joke, isn't it? Somebody put you up to this you call a guy on Craigslist. You call a guy on Craigslist. You only have his first name, and you wanna find him for small this business card with just a first name. I mean. Doc, car, doc, where quality becomes the standard. Yeah. Right. Listen, man. I gene I can't help you man. I can't grow can't help. You just can't you can't even do a small clay. You don't even have full name. I'm sorry. Why? I want people to listen though. I want people to listen. Alan what's going on with you, man. Alan. Fallon. What's happening? Hey heard all about your bio t-, quite a while just wondering if there's any closer location up in the four call area, if you go to their website, they have a map on there. I don't know actually. But did you did you try by OT dot com? Yeah. I went on the website, and they don't have any docs up there. Well, wasn't totally clear. I couldn't tell if it was actually a an official bio t- fight or just no one thought they might be. Well, here's the deal the bio t- website list each and every single clinic, and that's the way I would do it. And if you can't remember this with bio t-, you don't really have to go there that much so, you know, driving isn't the end of the world because you get the most you'll get treatments as maybe every four months. So in did you look Suzanne I did. There was a couple up there with pretty good reviews. Okay. So give them one off the air. Okay. But, but I'm not sure you were going to the actual website because bio t- would actually get you is that bio t-, medical or bio t-, I forget, it's bio t-, medical dot com. Okay. Yeah. And Ray you have an addiction. What's going on, man? Hey, thanks for taking my call yesterday. Two. Pay my rent. Okay. And I notice which notice there are several notices the three day. Okay. Gotcha. I contacted our office to speak with them concerning me paying the fees it owed. When I went on Friday morning and paid what certified funds within the three days. It was within the three days after it was an it doesn't. And it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. If you talk to them, it doesn't matter if you prayed with them, it's not gonna work. If it's a fourth day they can proceed now hold on though. Because then there is another process where you get to cure. So let's talk about it three all three seven one three eight two five five..

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