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Again, it's no one is disputing not. We have no idea if Moller's gonna do anything about it. Birdie buddy else for that matter. But you have testimony. Do you have testimony from Bruce and Delhi, or if you have questions about Trump, you have to ten times a number of questions one hundred times, the number of questions and concerns about the Democrats and the FBI the department of Justice and intelligence agencies under President Obama during the two thousand sixteen campaign, if you don't you're nothing, but a political hack. We have gone through point-by-point every time an allegation has come up about Trump where it's you know, where its leading we did the same with Roger stone the first two days of this week. What was actually there? What what what did it show? There's five years documented of of evidence of the Obama administration not adhering to the direction of the the Pfizer court. We learn that. From circa news and their report with court documents attached. Just days before the election. They show up at court and say sorry your honor. We didn't really adhere to that. What you told us back in two thousand eleven that you were over. We were overstepping our bounds. And this administration. Where's where's the outrage there? And so the last caller if you truly want to get into a discussion fine. But you don't know you wanna throw a conspiracy theories. You wanna throw everything we we don't deal with that. Well, call another show. It's it's a very tired narrative on the on the whole Russian thing, by the way. And it's and the whole thing was Stacey Abrams. She's not governor. She has no power to do. And if she legally lost she went through she went through what she believed was all the legal recourses, and she lost the election. We're not going to get into the your particular conspiracy theories. Now, we know you have we know why you support it because the left supports fantasy. Let's pretend she has power. She does not not at this point. Eight six six ninety redeye Gotch with.

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