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It's, I'm Jesse thorn my guests. Debra Granik wrote and directed the acclaimed two thousand ten film winter's bone after eight years. She's just finished her follow up. It's called leave. No trace. It's in theaters. Now. Ben foster who's one of the stars of the film gave a quote, and I'm paraphrasing in an interview, the heated about the movie. He said, he said that being on site with you was very intense because he had never worked with anyone who cared so much about every choice that they were making as director. And I believe he said that. And I don't think he was joking when he said, I'm laughing because it's intense, but I think he said like that each choice felt like someone's life was on the line might goodness. Do you feel that way when you're on sand. Well, the choices have to be performed very quickly. So when you don't have when you don't feel like you've had time to contemplate selling fully, you know, you feel like there's almost more risk associated with that. You're not thinking it through completely, but you have to decide right now and. You could feel regret, but you nonetheless, you've got to decide right now. And so I think possibly in the mix of what he's just what he said is that notion that you have to. Must take a deep breath kosher is and say, like, okay, I'm taking this gamble, you know. And of course, thank goodness. No one's life is really on the line. But the fact is, I think deciding. All day long in rapid succession of decisions, constructive feel like the starkness am? I am. I on the right track. Have I made the right decisions? And I think maybe what he's reading in me is that uncertainty that feels like Yikes. Yikes could be wasting a whole lot of peoples times if I'm making a whole set of decisions that don't pan out and don't yield something. I've just squandered a huge amount of people's time and energy, and they're putting a lot into this. I've got to do right by them, you know. So frequently director feels extremely responsible for coming through with something given that so many people are contributing to the to the process in the effort. I feel like a lot of people have an idea of what director does that is. Or maybe how a director is that might be fundamentally misogynist. And I probably include myself in that, like when I think of a director, not only do I probably think of a man, but I also think of somebody who has a way of being in the world that culturally I would associate with men, which is to say, like bossing people around, especially..

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