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Excited to be here at voice global with two real innovators in the voice. Ai technology and audio space we have audio burst and we have braga today. A couple of companies. I think a lot of you are familiar with but you might not be familiar with what they're doing today and how they fit into some of the larger trends that are going on so i think a lot of people would consider. The last decade is the mobile era in technology. And i think it's fair to say that the last five years however have been the audio decade or the first half of the audio decade. We'll call it the beginning of the audio era. now there's been a rise in streaming music podcasts. And now here. Ables the smart wireless headphones in earbuds. They've ushered in a new era of content consumption route audio and it's really an audio renaissance from my perspective of bills and twenty twenty doubled from the previous year. They finally became must have devices and a lot of people were at home during the pandemic they were on video. Calls zoom chats. They were trying to deal with noise in the background. Working from home for the same time and dealing with that comes with daily life and reliable heroles turned out to be the devices they absolutely had to have. They were essential of the sun. And that's the opposite of what most people thought because they thought people were going to be out and about and that's curable before therefore when you're driving or when you're walking down the street but no actually it in the home. A lot of people needed them just to do their daily work routine and then all the sudden they discovered the benefit of here ables. And that's led to this explosion and use an as we move back out into the world we're gonna see more and more consumers are using them at home they're going to be using them out in the world and that's led to distribution of the ability to drive the audio content to people at any time more than you've ever seen in the past now in two thousand eighteen voice spot was able to identify about seventy eight million here was users just in the us by twenty twenty that was up to ninety five million and that was before you four. So they actually. I'm sure it's over. One hundred million now because q four was spectacular. So that's a lot of people just in the us and what we find is a lot of the other. Markets are just a little bit behind the us in terms of adoption. So the important thing here is here here. Ables opened up audio distribution in a way that smartphone screens did for video and for social media. So what does that mean. So the next phase and development if the space i believe is going to be personalization. That's what we saw in the mobile era when we brought out mobile video social media all sorts of visual personalization type of experiences and that has been the dominant trend to we. Think about two things. We think about convenience and we think about personalization however for the last fifteen years audio hasn't changed that much it's really been broadcast oriented spend for the masses generic. We haven't had personalization so it seems to be a fitting way to kick off the second. Half of the audio era decade with two innovators from audio burst and brodsky to talk about what they're doing on this front all right so i. I think i would bring up a nick vegan. Who is the ceo of bragging neck. Okay so i think we should start off by you telling people a little bit about bragging what you're doing and how the company's evolved over the last couple of years. Well thank you very much I used to be the this on at haman many years ago about ten years ago

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