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Traffic Safety Administration Project Yellow Light in the Ad council. Everybody's talking about the new movie about the Chicago Seven. Hey, what do you want to got It all? I don't know what you think. Well, what have we done yesterday? Yesterday? All the way like the same doll these dawn now, like I said, Amanda, whose dog dies, Stop got to call my mom a birthday. The's days. Nothing is normal and everything is weird, but you could still save big when you switch to progressive. That won't change. Not today or any dumb progressive dot com. Casualty insurance company affiliates 49 Remember this. Remember these times? Graham Nash saying about it and gag They chained him to please come to Chicago just to sing. Yeah, he's saying about it. 71 on back in 68 was the Democratic National Convention Trouble and Grand Park on and later the Trial of the Chicago seven and I can still recall the images on TV and in the newspapers. Abbie Hoffman, Julius Hoffman, William Consular, Bobby Seale bound and gagged in the courtroom and the member of the Chicago Seven actually from Chicago joins us Now let's say hi to Lee Whiner. How you doing, Lee? I'm doing fine. Thank you for having me on Ly Wigner has a book out. Ah, conspiracy to riot, the life and times of one of the Chicago seven. I just mentioned all the images that are frozen in my mind..

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