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Joe Jack Loney owner of arch painting for a free estimate. Call us at one eight four four arch painting by check us out online at arch painting dot com and get a discounted rates. Former first lady Michelle Obama has a new memoir coming out. She spoke with ABC's Good Morning America and revealed that she had a miscarriage twenty years ago. I felt lost and alone. And I feel it felt like fail because I didn't know how common miscarriages were because we don't talk about Michelle Obama's memoir entitled becoming will be released next week. Furniture this weekend and get your host ready for the holidays. Save up to five hundred dollars on quality name brand furniture during the pre holiday sale at money's in Melrose. I'm Joe, I'm John where the other two brothers in the furniture business fit more family in your family room. When new sectional sofa upgrade, the guest room would a new bedroom set whatever you need to get your home ready for the holidays. It's on sale this weekend at Marty's, and the more you spend, the more you save any purchase for ninety nine or more. Save one hundred dollars fourteen ninety nine or more two hundred off nine hundred ninety nine or more three hundred and thirty nine ninety nine or more say five hundred dollars. Save on every bedroom dining living room set in our huge showroom betting to plus one year zero percent financing. Save five hundred dollars during the get ready for the holiday sale today at bodies furniture furniture, Washington street narrows, indeed knows it's hard to. Find qualified candidates when you're hiring. It's like finding a unicorn you post your job on. Indeed, it's easy to find people with the skills, you need nurse practitioner for plus years experience acute care certification. Indeed has a huge pool of amazing candidates. And screener, tools that help you? Find your most qualified applicants an entire shortlist of unicorns. See one more than three million companies worldwide use indeed to hire post your job at indeed dot com slash hire. Indeed, the world's number one job site source. Con score.

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