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Because they're not going to get that that raw unadulterated movie that's turned into a kid show an everyone's lesser for it. I think be like getting like Nickelodeon TV show like based around Black Black Phillip from the witch persona you know. Yeah anything you Quentin Tarantino related. It's make Django into a Saturday morning. Kids cartoon well a thick. You do that. Got Flying Hours right. Yeah it's his companion or than they they solve crimes in the deep South Yeah I I think I mean. I guess that kind of takes a special kind of branding or people who just don't give an f where it's you know. Yeah we have one of the bloodiest movies ever. We have one of the grossest movies ever in toxic avenger. And we'll we market this towards the little kids. I you know I would imagine there was probably a serial that tied in with all of it I would have to do a google search but do that while you're talking with this kind of movie As I was watching it and I'm writing down notes about what to pick on. You kind of realized that it's kind of like pistol whipping a blind kid with this because this movie wants to be made fun of I. We're we're pretty much just giving into the movie wants reviewing it. You know what I mean or yeah so. There's nothing to be taken seriously about this movie and I do believe that this was traumas biggest movie it was there for it was definitely their first big one. That's kind of what put them on the map. I didn't Chet It's hard to come across numbers in terms of money. It made Because it wasn't really released to theaters but definitely it was the one that you know. They call like new line cinema. They call it. The house of Freddie built because that's that they made their money off of nightmare on ELM street and they'll existed f because of that and this is kind of the movie. That is the answer to that. The that house to talks he built more or less Yeah I I was aware of the cartoon I ever watched it although I did watch two episodes of it today also on prime after watched the movie and finish my notes And I didn't have any figures I don't really know why didn't I'm sure that they probably wound up on a Christmas list at some point and my parents should is like. I don't even know if he knows what this is. So we're not that we the funny. Gi Does and you're older than any. What are your two years old in the me? Your aunt you were you know. Obviously being older and your parents knew well enough a yeah. This probably is right for him. Meanwhile my parents yeah. Just give him whatever who cares. There's a creature with a giant knows that blow snot out of it that that'll entertain them for a couple months And I think I didn't watch this movie until maybe six or seven years ago Watched it once and in twenty minute chunks. Because that's really all I could handle and watched it twice this time this week and I liked it a little bit more on my last. Go Round Because as Dan said it's it's a movie that's not made to be taken seriously. It's it's made for the shock value. A pal how violent and how gross out they could make it. They're still they're still very much. Annoy me of this movie but We'll get into that but you know it. It's a true movie it really. Is it really set? The set the example that they kind of just lasted through that Yes and I also felt that. There's a line that they were just trying to push with everything like they went to be so edgy with it as well Just downtown despicable all the bad the evil people war In this movie and so it was if there is a level above cartoon initially evil All these villains exceed that level they make you immediately. It was one of the things I knew. It wasn't supposed to take it seriously but felt myself getting a little angry about Bozo and slug in this going. But they're taking this way too far whatever bit they're doing with these two guys here And it doesn't really pay off either. We'll get to that but Yeah it just it just felt like I thought it would be a little more serious. Probably the right word I was hoping that it would be sort of like how you mentioned. You know nightmare on ELM street. Have they just got sillier and Cilliers? It went I was expecting not to be with. This dead was like the first one was serious. You know we're building this character. And everything after that from the cartoon to the game to the sequel was like the silly campy can't be you know not take it seriously but the he did it from the beginning. Almost the first couple scenes of this movie was a little surprising to me and Kind of kind of set the tone for the whole thing where I probably would like it more maybe on multiple viewings but yeah. I had the same reaction. Where if I wasn't watching it for this. I would probably broken it up into chunks toxic danger from Nineteen eighty-four directed by Michael Hurt's and the comparable iconic lawyer Kaufman directing basically everything that trump has put out Starring Mitch Cohen Mark Total Andrea Miranda Pat Ryan Junior. Sarah Levinson. Dan Snow Gary Schneider in Robert Prichard holds a score of six point three in a rotten tomatoes score of seventy percent budget around five hundred thousand dollars and made about eight hundred thousand dollars according to wikipedia ceiling place. That has that information and one's a cool seventy nine minutes am. I didn't thought data Robert Robert PRICHARD RIGHT. could have been like action Older brother or something like that. He Z. stretched out version of Corey Feldman. That's who yeah 'cause that headband that I that I'm thinking the loss loss loss boys that has been before the lost boy said today. The domain rip-off slug. He might have yeah. This is three years prior Felton He was probably in the number street movie that he was in the fourth one. Yeah this with this post kunis. So yeah and it was. It was goonies that that was eighty. I don't really have any concept of time for GOONIES BIANCHI. I eighty five out loud. Guys were those guys. Were my favorite part of the movie by the way. Bozon slug. Yeah it's it's just so over the top that you can't to me you can't help but just laugh at it and I mean when when when they're in the gym and they're just going crazy in making all the faces and I know that's one thing that you hated and but I I was ruffling watching that. What is this guy doing he? He would have ranked Lanka alarm at planet fitness. Oh absolutely yeah. Kind of looks like He kinda like Bill Paxton in terminator a little the punk a little bit. Yeah Yeah I think I think the thing I didn't like about them was just the theme of the whole car. Crashing thing as seemed a little bit too edgy like they were trying to make people be shocked by it. You know so I hated everybody's faces and this movie Alvin face faces Bozo and slug make just ever topsy space. Might have been the best face. Because he can't remote book like thank God L. Melvin nells like I totally get it. Why Bozo like eight guy? His Melvin tour goal gives Clint Howard a run for his money. He's Clint Howard. Without all the charisma. Shore yes this guy man. Oh I picked on him and I'm and I'm nothing. Yeah I mean even the overweight person in the GM that was probably made fun of was making fun of about. Yeah definitely the enemy of my enemy. Kinda thing yeah where everyone can just unite under one banner to just shit all over Melvin. At least they chose an awesome name right. Melvin that's a great name to name your nerd main character. Sure it's no. It's no norman. I think Melvin worse. Never see any Melvin anymore. Nope right has any meant a Melvin. Malcolm I have I've met Eugene. That's like the same. Yeah Yeah that's definitely in the same branch I'd say we have to name our kid. Melvin now that's the so we'll meet one. Melvin W- we have to make a pact guys. Whoever has a child I legitimately or illegitimately has to name the Kid Melvin? We should inform John. Phone out of the three of us. Okay the three Amigos here you guys. WanNa get to the plot ensure went on Dan. 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