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Dispute on water rights and affects i know homage county homeowners who didn't get to vote on sound transit but get to pay the higher tax changes to the bno tax structure that is a done deal republican senator mark chesler says everybody's going to come down in manufacturing to the same rated boeing pays there's question of white going in why not notice wall manufacture in every other part of the state will this pictures thinker whoa run it will generate more tax base and more fairly wait if washington competitive still some hope to reach agreement on the last of these issues before they can adjourn this third overtime session carleen johnson komo news in grays harbor county a massive fire erupted overnight in oprah ville witnesses a hardware store a liquor store a possibly a house all caught fire along pine street we don't know how the fire started but both directions of highway twelve at newton streeter closed and there's a detour in place in oakville fire broke out at federal way auto wrecking this morning propane tanks were exploding when firefighters got their several cars were damaged the building appears to be a total loss no word yet what started that fire in renton two homes were badly damaged by a fire started by fireworks this morning dave nelson skyway fire department says this happened near one hundred fifty seven th avenue south east and southeast one sixty eight everybody's out dive into both homeowners you know they're fine that there's actually within the y other accident have take care them wherever they work i was going on they traced to fireworks that have been tossed away in a recycling bin and yet were slowly smoldering flames spread from one house to another last night even as firefighters worked to put out fires people were still lighting fireworks nearby common jo marie in a road along ann arbor and where fireworks are no longer allowed surge sam beds is among more than two dozen harbor police officers assigned to fire lorde the calls get rolling in started with complaints of explosions under a bridge along the riverbank hey if you want to let off firecrackers very very goes over blows of it has to be doubted this charge area okay.

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