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Get into some. Nfl questions for so many teams. A to quarterback situation. We'll talk to lou about that and l. dunkin will join us a little bit later as well. She's in atlanta native and we've seen that atlanta sports scene be real hot this summer Following the the performances of trae young especially in the first round series against the knicks and also game one of their series against the sixers. But tonight they've got a game four situation where they can try to tie that series before going back to philly for game five and also speaking of game four is. You've got the clippers at home against utah. They have an opportunity to even that series at two two as well. We'll talk a little bit more about that as well here in the mexicans show. Espn radio espn. Plus but i do want to go back to something that we had yesterday happen. Mba playoffs and that was the bucks evening their series at two all against the nets. And what happened in. That game is so troubling for the nets going forward that i think they are in trouble trouble as relates to the rest of this series. Just three games to go car. Earvin goes down ankle injury. And if you saw the video there's one thing to roll your ankle it's something else for your ankle to literally touch the ground when it rolls. And that's what appeared to happen with kyrie irving he left the arena yesterday in the walkie in a walking boot and on crutches which is not a good sign and the real question is what does that do for the rest of the series because james harden hasn't played a couple games already d. has been out there he's been trying to shoulder all of the load he hasn't shot it very well in the last two games. That's the bucks. Were able to tie the series at two two but as as it relates to the final. Three games of the series. If kyri doesn't play whether it's game five even game six. How would this affect kevin durant. That was a question posed to steve. Nash i've no idea what what's happened card coming days. Oil costs our fingers and hope that Since better than than you know. Better than what better than non missing. The next game is trickier cabin. We all pitching we all play together. We're going to move the ball tonight. We got a little single-minded kevin every time a little bit too much pressure on her. Mix more predictable. I thought just which puts a lot of burden on him so we got plenty of guys stepped up in absence of monsieur done very well team gave the ball and of course we're looking for kevin as much as we can but reason within reason within without confining predict art so that was steve nash trying to give as much hope and optimism into the situation as possible. But here are some facts here okay. The nets are nine and six this season nine and six in games in which only one of the big three play since james harden his debut and in those games. They've won those nine fifteen games by just an average of one and a half points so they won them but they've all been very close. You get to a playoff situation. One possession here is free throw here can determine the entire outcome of the game. So that's the pressure that the nets would be facing if either career james harden doesn't come back for game five to play alongside kevin durant because all that often pressure is gonna fall on kevin durant greenwich. They've got dues on the team. That can do certain things right. But they're all there to complement what they had in the big three. Yeah joe harris could knock down open threes. But he's a lot more open. When katie kharian james harden on the floor or at least maybe two of them were on the floor blake griffin has been a very good addition to the squad since he came from detroit but he's also better when those other dudes are on the floor right so to put that type of expectation on these other guys. Step up as steve. Nash was suggesting maybe a bit of a stretch. You're going to need one of these. do come back. And oh by the way. Now the bucks after these last two wins going to brooklyn with matt confidence. They think they've figured something out with their kyri. James harnett katya out there or not. That's what you're facing. And that's why. I think the bucks have the upper hand right now in. The nets are in serious trouble going back to brooklyn as they tried to. Even this gives me take a three two series lead in game. Five tonight though. You've got to game fours. Were the hawks and the clippers. Both at home trying to even their respective series. Now you should make an argument that the clippers should be up to one of their say they should have one game one of one game one. Give it up for donovan mitchell. What he did in the third quarter to come back and sorta chain momentum of the game was huge but the clippers should be up in that series. There's no question about that. So if they get it to to to. Does that swing the momentum heavily in their favour going to utah game five. I would suggest yes. Based on the fact that you have at least guys on the clippers roster who've been there before and done it and all. This is new for donovan. Mitchell rigaud bear and the jazz so if the clippers can get this win tonight. I think that completely changed the dynamic of that series. They'll go back to two but in some guards. They probably think they're leading that series. But how do they get it done at home for game four. Is it that easy. You can hit us up on twitter at michael leaves or on the phone eighty eight

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