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Lisa Brady Fox News this after an incident that has a military base on lockdown, Lackland Air Force Base part of joint base. San Antonio is restricting access on and off the facility after reports of an active shooter, according to a base statement. Shots were fired from Off the base towards trainees on the grounds it is believed to shooters are responsible, and they left the scene on foot boxes. Gurnal Scott For now, a search continues. Base officials say no one was hit by gunfire. President Biden and the first lady moments ago thanking families and troops for their service. At the first stop on his first foreign trip as president, an Air Force base in England on the way to the G seven summit, the U. S labor chief does not think enhanced unemployment benefits are stop. Keeping people from going back to work $300 a week federal boost to state unemployment benefits is not to blame for workers shortages in some sectors, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh told a House panel. I think people are concerned about their public health, Walsh notes. Millions of Americans are still not fully vaccinated in there have been, he says. Inefficiencies to workout childcare and hybrid school situations. The encouraging signs are that the last four months we've seen in addition of 540,000 new jobs Added to the economy feature last four months, several states are opting out of the enhanced benefits in an effort to boost employment boxes. Jared Helper and on Capitol Hill, A US general is out of a job relieved of his duties for failing to properly trained Marines and sailors before training exercise last summer that left nine troops dead when their seafaring tank Sank off the southern California coast. Investigators say the accident last July was caused by inadequate training and maintenance and poor judgment by commanders. The general had already been suspended from his post as inspector general for the Marine Corps. America is listening to Fox News..

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