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Gear, a wing ripped off this Piper Cherokee and the pilot pulling out all the stops for a crash landing. Right outside the holy Disciples perish in Puyallup crews from Grand Fire and rescue and appears county Sheriff's office responding to the scene, not far from fun field, where the three people on board a student pilot, a trained pilot. And a passenger had been doing touch and go flight tracking website Flightaware showing that they were in the ER for about 14 minutes. Everybody was able to walk away from that crash. No injuries as they watched the bang up body of the aircraft loaded on Ah, flatbed. It sounds familiar. We did have another small plane crash in Pierce County in just the past few days was on Thursday, a pilot was hurt. When his plane crashed into another parking lot in Puyallup. He was taken to the hospital. The sheriff's Office of the plane lost power shortly after taking off again from fun field. The plane crashed, ending up on its roof on top of a parked car as people in the area rush to help the pilot Seattle police saying five arrest last night at 15th Avenue East East Spring Street. This was long after Nspd announcement on social media that they have given dispersal orders to demonstrators who were marching north bound on 12th Avenue in Seattle. Koven 19 State Department of Health showing nearly 100 new Corona virus cases right now in our state. Confirming cases now that sits at 97,671. We've increased hospitalizations now to nearly two dozen. Sadly, death toll is up from a week ago by more than 100 in King County Cove in 19 to 8 case averages are up, and so is the transmission rate when those numbers to go up. So does the risks are too week average is well over 8500 people in Kane County, which means it will be quite awhile until we see any form of in person learning for our schools, the risk just to high, according to public health Seattle in King County, our transmission rate, which is the number of people that get infected by a person with the virus is now around 1.5 that is too high. It is a slight distance decrease from just earlier this month at 1.6, but still well over the desired amount, which is one or less for doctors are case rate is sitting at 93 for 100,000. Local health experts say this spread is well within our control. If we take it serious, that's almost Michelle Esteban. Now it's gonna look a coma traffic.

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