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I'm more than happy in the role in doing and just el-abidine the other lives as well be countless over people like, you know, it's just it's very rewarding, very would and it's always good to have them have to pull you back instead of push you to to take more risks. You know. And again, I've always looked at it that way and but but you hit the nail on the head. There is trying to help elevate you know this entire show and and trying get it with Jane. I've talked about repeatedly on this podcast that you know were little by little. It seems like the shows catching. Traction, and you know, guys are really coming into their own in terms of character. I mean, obviously the athleticism is always been there, but if feels like now it's becoming a fleshed out show. Yes, I agree. It's, you know, I think the goal guys didn't know what they could do in terms of social media in regards to right on into because you know what? He's probably when you have an day or about yourself. You go up to someone and you and you told him sixty seconds, but we're in the idea is they will wear. It's not a, huh? Okay. That's great. Thanks. But you can't visually see if you go out and create something and give it to someone in thirty seconds. You can just grab okay dead on thirty seconds and you can look at it and you could see what someone's character is. We'll see what they are and that that that's what I. I really enjoy the guys that don't because you know, when coming to the role also of ROY, I'm gonna I'm gonna might believe I am the two general manager to the point when extra Thailand or some new members of staff come in. They actually some them do think on actually of some importance when I'm absolutely a barrel Skyping, but it's. So are used to get hundred full mess by young before in my hand, a handout and he just didn't know any different because I was too general manager, constructing the trash loves small paper, like More more the beginning the beginning. he's quitting that might be made. The stress of the job copying giving tell the wrongful. Just yet just a, I just tried to sell to the audience the Galway's because you know if I'm the general manager, I've gotta like if I was a manager of a Bank where he's used to work in a Bank. So if I'm the manager of a bang onto, you know, I gotta project the audience that yo, this guy's the best. This goes back. This is great this, she college this, this, there's no negativity in any of these. Honestly, like amazing. Everyone of stopped Raleigh stepped up like nobody's business and and put in performances like white made by just slowly selling his ass off. You know, taking these crazy insane maneuvres and just in. And then when he cuts his promos and saying, he wants to a that they follow, it's in dealing buddy. Murphy's come in. He's got a chip on his shoulder, the ones that used to be an state tag champ and he like. Have sat development old like since that and just why he'd. So he just wants to come in and kick ass and he's in every every match outside that arriving usually for buddying, like Cedric is the champion cornerstone of the division. He's just, you know, putting in performances like no, other than you get like, go like, there's not one person. You can't mention that hasn't still for elevate themselves in some white in the last night months and like that. I think I think too that it's important like the a lot of talent has like adamant that touch on earlier. The thought of the other systems always been there, right? These guys are incredible athletes and incredible wrestlers the, you know, sometimes that's not enough to have that connection with the audience. You need something more. I think you bring that as well with the verbal skills and the character and all those sorts of things. But I think it seemed to go along here and like said, as this show is building in getting traction, they're also grabbing that as well. Okay. There's more than just the entering part. It has to be an overall package that will have that connection with the with the audience will end up now make what they are very done. So good in the ring mean that much more right..

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