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Saad Feld up for big time trade up somebody to get them right trying to try trying to trying to get them ready trying to get them ready trying to get them right and if he shows up for like three or four games if there's a preseason he he kind of like has one of those awesome performances he he can go look a couple of other things that just kind of stuck out to me as surprises. Josh Jones. Falling all the way to the third round. I can't figure out what that was about like. I mean obviously this is a different time because without pro days and those things that we haven't been tipped off on some things that we would find out like sooner rather than later and the fact that this is a guy that we talked about being a fringe first round pick. He goes in the third round. That was surprising that was bigger surprises. So I'd Oklahoma and I'll tell you why thank I'll tell you why. I think what might have happened. Josh Jones played. I believe a little under three hundred pounds when he was University of Houston had four. Different offense align coaches for years within his workout was was very average. He came in at three hundred. Nineteen pounds. Sir. I think too big. I didn't think he moved well on tape. He was very athletic at the combine. He moved the same. He is what I saw on tape so I think he got too heavy. He didn't move as well. His workout numbers were were. Were just kind of average. There was nothing that really stood out about it as a now all of a sudden you had this athlete on tape that you don't see this. He was just average at the at the work. I think that may have heard him some. Also I don't know if there's anything else if I if I did. I would say what I could but I I don't know of anything. Here's where it could hurt him last like the last couple of years. We haven't seen as many coaches venture down to the senior bowl so the first time. The coach have had exposure to Jones by depending on the common. He was good at senior bowl right. He's good three hundred in one thousand nine hundred pound guy that didn't move will at the combine that first impression. Sometimes it's hard to get out of your mind particularly when guys are looking at tape whereas if they watched him at the senior bowl have been around him and then it changes how you view him in Games and and how you View him coming into Europe guys. I want to get to some of the notable storylines here that we saw develop through rounds to in three and get into that here in just a second. But can I give you? Maybe the most non surprising pick of night. Anybody have any guesses? The most non surprising for me was Devon AC- acid going to hatreds. When I started watching it took me like seven. Plays like this looks like a big athletic. You know I'm GonNa give you at pick number one hundred. Mike mayock selects CLEMSON's Tanner Muse. The safety you blew up the combine with a four four one forty two thirty pounds. Come on you. Do it was happening. Didn't you come on man feel feel right into it and so ran for four one? He was everything like he lit up. He was the DECAF elite of the weekend at the combine and then But man third around there runs normally not like five six. That's all you normally not win when you do that. But he's getting. He thinks he has Matt Milano. Is that what he's thinking? Some of that has always been the right away. The raiders would always take like big big and fast you can be drafted exceptional qualities and He's good but you're right man. They're they're loaded with Alabama clemson got a lot of. He's got a lot of former teammates on that squad. Basic Chemistry in the continuity is gonNA be great because they're all our buddies from high school. It's all t you know. He was ticked off at AJ. Terrell went and before he could get them all right. How about that? You wanted to add to the mix too no doubt. I just thought that was fun. Okay so some notable storylines here and I want to start with one. That was kind of a little bit under the radar coming into the night here guys and it was in the second round. We started to hear some rumblings of the Trent Williams deal perhaps coming to fruition with Washington. Maybe engaging the Minnesota Vikings in trade talks here again the Vikings Riley Ref- left tackle. But is this. Is this an area where they would have tried to bring in tremblings? Well it turns out that as they are working their way down that the board here in the second round and coming on the clock at fifty eight overall. They decide what? We're not going to do it. We're going to just take as Cleveland. The offensive tackle from Boise state winds up being the. Let's see that was on the set. Are We counting Robert Hunt as a tackle regard? I'm counting Amaafuza Guard. I think he's going to have to start off as a guard and they've got a right tackle. Worry now there you go so we count is R-. Cleveland is the first tackle on day two in the seventh overall. I just thought that was an interesting storyline ear. Because here comes the redskins are just are still saddled with this. Absolutely disgruntled player. Who sounds like he has no intentions of ever playing for them again and are they. Are they asking too much? Is it just? Is it not a situation that teams want to get involved in with him not playing at all last year and so I just thought that was One of the interesting story lines here because we have not seen an actual player current. Nfl player traded at all in these. First three rounds. And that's something that we've seen in recent years. Yeah that's normally what we see more activity. This would be when Gaza become the dump off the players that were disgruntled Ghazi. They WANNA move on from. Yea All those other things and it's been very slow this year but maybe maybe all the activity will happen on day three because now when you make the trade union we can give you something in twenty twenty one We can't give you one of our topics this year and maybe teams will be more likely to accept that. It's just been it's been an interesting thing. We have seen some trades but certainly not as much movement as we are accustomed seeing overdraft weekend nine to these guys. We're talking about it in a way and Williams. They've also hurt their team in terms of leverage to get a deal done so a potentially you know for sure but potentially and so you got to be able to if you're a team who's asking for for whatever and another team smells blood because they know that that that players disgruntled on twitter and they think well we got all the leverage the Jacksonville Jaguars don't have the leverage we're not paying paying what they're you know what they're asking for for quake and make it a little bit more difficult. Trent Williams situation. There's no secrets air. We know what the deal is on that one. I think they've got to move off from Williams. They gotta get some. Yeah they gotTa Internet for Williams one way or another. It's gone on long enough. They've gotta move him and get him in it at some point after draft and chase on the Jaguars are probably going to have to get out of the building and let him go somewhere else but You know as far as far as any other any other storylines that that stick out to you. That's all you know I. It's hard for me because I look at it as the way I look at it is. I want to see how the flow of a draft works so the floor of the draft. I like looking this was I knew it was going to be probably tackles maybe quarterbacks and it actually tackles fell back a little bit and then guys are drafting best defensive players available. I thought there was a big rush to to to pick corners that maybe didn't belong in the first round and then you get a different flow which included. We're not. We're not going to get the pocket quarterbacks and so we talked about that frothiness and that was one of the huge story. Yeah and and honestly when I when I wrote the guys up I do radio shows and Buckeye. You probably were ask question to okay so outside of the big four. Give me another quarterback that you think is a real sneaky good starter. That's it's not there. It doesn't exist in this draft. I can give you an answer if you WanNa play the game where we do. Okay tell me a late round guy that you can develop them. I don't know James Morgan. Jake Luton I mean. It's this is a four quarterback draft for the most part. I think if you're talking to us it guys you have a chance to be dudes there because everyone is looking for the next government's you or something like that now. Say That's an anomaly. Like the way he was able to go in there and not only make the team but supplant. Nick foles is starting quarterback. This that doesn't come around often. I actually thought that the the Jack quarterback they have shown little to no interest in finding their quarterback well but they got three picks in the fourth bucks. That's what I was GonNa ask you next. Do you guys think that they say they're not going to. But once you get to the fourth round this is backup territory are are. We sure they're not going to take a look at frahm or Easson number. One forty like their quarterback is in twenty twenty one trevor Lars Justin field. Yeah why is another guy to the room when you know governments? She's going to be a guy and you can get maybe a cheap a backup option for him well. The price has fallen considerably on Cam. Newton and Jameis Winston at this. Because like now I mean the musical chairs even trying to slot those quarterbacks the only place we Cam Newton in my mind is New England and for James James says a tough road to Hoe In terms of the backup quarterback job. Because we're working. He go like he can't go to green bay anymore. Like I thought would be the Jacksonville. It's tough so that is a story line to follow as we enter day. Three you know guys is where does Jacobson in DUB words Jake from end up in? What kind of situation do they end up in? I think is even more interesting here. I was with a couple of guys on the radio. That were more surprised than the two of you tonight to see those names still out there really. There really surprised jake from. Yeah Yeah really were brock. You're among them Does right Brooke sweet spot? Does that make sense? Yeah okay well good reasons you know so anyway. You know another story line tonight where the running backs and as we mentioned our Guy Daniel. Jeremiah has been doing a great job on the joint broadcast with. Espn and NFL.

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