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Win over the angels he scored three times in off the first starter inning patrick standable and added four more in the fourth manager scott service also got eight strikeouts over five and two thirds innings from his starter brian wu ton of credit to brian wu and um you know been a days few we skipped him in tampa trying to give him some extra rest and it paid off tonight i thought he was we've seen him in quite a while really good fastball and the end of four game losing streak to pull within a game and a half for the ale west leading astros they're also tied with toronto for the third and final american league wild card wraps the up series today at 110 with lee's castillo getting the start the seahawks officially signed ventra and offensive tackle jason peters as the team has concerns about the health of both of their starting tackles charles cross has a sprained toe and abraham lucas is dealing with soreness in his knee its official jets quarterback aaron rogers is out for the to rest the season the team confirmed rogers suffered a torn lift achilles tendon during win over the bills on monday night football rogers was carted off the field just four plays into a season debut with the jets after getting sacked sports sports at ten and forty past the hour coming up in three minutes another check on traffic it's four forty one when the folks at all ply roofing came out to the raible home they did some maintenance and corrected several issues but all ply roofing told us we didn't need a new roof or any major repairs i think the bill was only around five hundred dollars if you have roofing issues and need a good company just trying to make an honest buck give all ply roofing a call at 206 -364 four four four five two oh six three six four forty four forty five or all ply roofing .com and tell them steve raible sent you if you're thinking of putting solar panels on an asphalt don't roof maybe jim singletary from roof smart here and i'm serious asphalt probably is the worst roof material for solar panels in the wet seattle weather solar panel mounts have to be drilled into asphalt shingles and look holes aren't great for your roof plus asphalt is porous so when builds up in the shaded space between the solar panels and the shingles it will lead to moss and mildew for solar panels without the problems you want a metal roof solar panels clamp onto metal roofing so no holes are needed and since metal won't wear out you won't have to someday take the solar panels off just to redo the roof bottom line with a metal roof you get the amazing benefits of solar panels without any of those problems for more information call roof smart at 206 -487 -4877 or visit getroofsmart com that's 206 -487 -4877 or getroofsmart com for up to the moment coverage on news traffic and weather you're already in the right place here on northwest news radio if you're looking for music that makes you feel good tune in to star 101 5

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