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Police chase ends today at King's Island. Police attempted to pull the man over on Interstate 71 year the Western road road over passed on in what was a stolen vehicle involved in a hit, Skip. The man went end up crashing the vehicle and then ran into an empty area of the park agency's agents set up a perimeter around the area so he could not gain access to the main area of Kings Island. He would later be taken into custody without incident. Man accused in a fatal shooting that took place in Mount Airy over the weekend appeared in court today. Terrell Owens allegedly shot and killed Ivan Hugh Saturday morning on Chesterfield Court near Shady Miss Lane. He is being held on a bond of more than a $1,000,000. Owens is attorney argued that his client suffers from mental health problems and indicated It was self defense. Patrick birth below the man accused of kidnapping his wife and Linnea police on an hours long chase Saturday afternoon, appeared in court today bomb was set to $275,000. He's currently charged with kidnapping, but additional charges are expected to come in the future. Or the low, who was from Alabama allegedly took his wife hostage while in a tractor trailer that was travelling on I 75 in Butler County, when a report came in about a reckless driver. He then made his way down to I 71 in the Cincinnati area, then got on I 2 75 where he was driving erratically back and forth. Later detaching the trailer from the cab and letting his wife go. So I would have to be called in as a 50 caliber rifle was used to disable the engine of the truck. He was tased and taken into custody after he put a knife to his throat. Worth alot has a criminal history when it comes to domestic violence in 2012 he served nearly four years in prison after being found guilty of shooting his girlfriend in the back. It has been reported that birth alone may be facing charges in Georgia News Radio, 700 WLW SPORTS Here's The Reds update Derek Dietrich, who missed the 1st 2 weeks of the preseason camp after he tested positive for covert 19. Requested.

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