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Elmhurst is before his grandson was born could hardly have had great influence on berry. But his father who obviously affected the course of his life much more is almost ignored by all biographies on by Barry Goldwater himself. So then they go into his father's background. His brothers background. His mother's background. His wife. His son. And then they go into all these psychiatrists and psychologists who they asked for opinions about Barry Goldwater? Now, I bring you to modern times. A book that was written by bandy Lee. Among others. The dangerous case of Donald Trump twenty-seven psychiatrists and mental health experts assess a president. Why am I going through this because every conceivable tactic that has been used in the past against conservatives and Republicans and tactics that haven't been used in the past being used against this president? By the way, this is all in my new book. Unfreedom of the press. Now, this is the book. Written by bandy Lee. And I believe Judith Lewis Herman to MD's professors. And you may recall bandy actually was on CNN a lot and on MSNBC a lot and she was consulted by Democrats on the hill and one Republican Senator whose name we've never known. Soon after they right soon after the presidential election of two thousand sixteen alarmed by the apparent mental instability of the president-elect we both separately circulated letters among some of our professional colleagues expressing our concern. Most of them declined to sign a number of people admitted they were afraid of some undefined form of governmental retaliation. So quickly had climate of fear taken hold. They asked us if we were not wary of being targeted and advised us to seek legal counsel. These people are mental to begin with the already victims. This was a lesson to us and how a climate of fear can induce people to censor themselves. Others who declined to sign. Our letters of concern cited matters of principle psychiatry. We were warned should stay out of politics. Otherwise, the profession could end up being ethically compromised. This was a serious consideration in. We didn't we we we need not look beyond our own borders for examples of ethics violations. Committed by professionals became entangled in politics. But you see this was too serious. Norms and rules guy, professional conduct set standards and point to the essential principles of practice, and for these reasons physicians have the declaration of Geneva and on and on and on the Goldwater role. Now, this was a rule that was passed. By the American psychiatric association and said, you know, we cannot do this again as a profession to a candidate. While that didn't much bother MS Lee, and the others the Goldwater rule highlights the boundary. She said a practice house to prepare preserved professional integrity protects public figures from defamation. But this is too much. Assessing dangerousness is different for making a diagnosis is dependent on the situation, not the person signs of likely dangerousness due to mental disorder Trump about Trump can become apparent without a full diagnostic interview and could be detected from a distance and one is expected to earn. If at all on the side of safety when the risk of inaction is too. Great states vary in their instructions, New York. And so there explaining these different tests. But this was too much, ladies and gentlemen, the election of Trump the nation was in danger. This was too much. They could not they could not abide by the rule that was put in place. If to go water was defamed, and by the way, Barry Goldwater sued that magazine facts, and he sued Ginsburg, the writer and the publisher and he won. And he put them out of business. And he put them out of business. One of the things you'll see in my book, which is quite a journey. Is I get into this issue? I get into this book that was written for the purpose of destroying the president of the United States. You cannot say anything worse. About a person who does not have any mental illness, particularly if that person is president of the United States than they are mentally ill. Because that means during capable of doing their job this book, and this professor and these other professors, we're Golomb dawn to by the Democrats and the media to push the twenty fifth amendment. You remember that? Some of the chapters in the book by these various so-called experts unbridled an extreme present hedonism tug all about Trump. How the leader of the free world is proven time. And again, he's not fit for duty pathological narcissism and politics a lethal mix. I wrote the art of the deal with Donald Trump is self sabotage is rooted in his past Trump's trust deficit is the core problem. It's another one sisal a sociopath. Here's another one is they're all chapters in this book, not mine this book that this woman wrote Donald Trump is a bad. Be mad. See all the above. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave.

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