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Right right so to to know him so well as the sort of good ole boy and then go back and see this where he's a different human being i was like my god almighty this guy is really really fucking talented and then i became obsessed i look i watched the short film on line molly ringwald rent yet jt wall who's also in the short film playing the same guy yeah and then i i looked up on inside the actors studio because he does the character on stage like instantly yeah i thought that was fascinating because the whole thing was watching it i'm like well he directed this is he directing in this character like or does come out of it and it seems like he probably easily comes out of it but game probably being super depressed doing the voice in the face in the mirror and then it was like maybe i'll make it into a move yeah and he said yeah he said he was he was his yeah it was like he was doing part and something and he started doing that in the mirror and then he also said that it hurts he said the posture of the character and the the under bite hurts and the voice hurt after i guess some time but i would believe it it's i saw it twice in the theater one after the other it's been a favorite of mine forever i wrote a paper on it in college you went into back you went to back to backs to that with adam boogie nights really think are the only two.

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