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Past this Pocahontas thing. Tell you what let's go to Instagram. Okay. To do a little video. It's going to be in your kitchen kitchen. The Democrats have always been fixated on kitchens. They always talk about, you know, kitchen kitchen economics kitchen politics. They're just envisioning that all Americans do their business in the kitchen. Right. Let's say if you want to know are American do their businesses in the bathroom, actually, more realistic more realistic people read in the bathroom. They do this in the bathroom. They do that in the bathroom. Okay. They spend more time in the bathroom that at the kitchen table. But anyway. So they they get into the kitchen and they wanted to just look normal. So here's here's what we're gonna do. Elizabeth we're gonna have you just talk to the camera, and it's interesting because generally speaking when people do Instagram videos theirself video. Yeah, they're holding a phone, and they're talking somebody who's actually operating a camera for her. Okay. Boy, she she's not even doing this herself. She's they're operating camera for her. So there's a third party involved. Clearly, somebody from the campaign, it's all choreographed. So Elizabeth what we're going to do is you just talk to the camera. And then you need to introduce everyone to your dog. And edible. And so and by the way, you're gonna have the most popular dog in America. It's going to be golden retriever or labrador. I'm not sure they look so much alike. Okay. So it's she's got that dog. And so you're going to give your dog a little rub, and okay, there you go. And then then you're just going to say, hey, I'm going to get a beer, and you're gonna crack a beer and then your husband's going to come in. Because people don't even know you're married, and it's your husband's gonna come in. And I know this will probably rub some of the LGBT. Here's the wrong way. Because they were hoping you were one of them. But that's okay. You got you got the husband. It's a long term relationship, and it's all good. And then you're gonna crack a beer, and then you get a drink the beer, and you're going to be very relatable, you'll even offer your husband a beer. Okay. So this is what you're gonna do. Sounds like the average American day, doesn't it achieved? So Liz Liz with horses. Okay. Well, let's let's do this. I don't know how many takes this. Required. But here's the final product. If you hear in the background on the reason for that is that failures in the kitchen say valley. Yes..

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