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This is John really need them traduction but but I will introduce them to you because probably you're not on you tube is much lower take the kids that went because he is a superstar he's a media stars while much like clear we're just talking about and actually saw Travis floors for the first time it clears place foundation their first big gala over in Santa Monica and I'm like who is this guy takes the podium and he was just so compelling to the speaker and he had a like a a chest not a neck brace like a chess bracing for his ribs and I thought oh my god this is the this have to do with the cystic fibrosis because a Travis like clear was born with cystic fibrosis and and four months old present it was Simpson's and has been struggling with you know this for a very long time and it turns out Travis good morning and thank you for coming on to the show yes good morning thanks for having me why are you wearing a brace a well I was hit by a car is in a crosswalk don't place wrong time fractured spine okay okay you can't make that though I mean I lost you weigh like a hundred five pounds. and I love your sense of humor your mom is your Terry she's laughing she's adorable so so listen I'm not being critical of it is you have that spirit ever like clear you two are just well well I think you know Claire and I both grew up with these conditions where we're told so often that we're not going to survive or that we can only expect to live so long and you just have to kind of embrace that I know like okay well everyone else gets to live every day not knowing when they're gonna die we kind of let every day kind of expecting not to live so we developed a sense of humor where we just have to laugh at it because you don't you can crawl into a hole very quickly become very very sad and depressed yeah but I think clearly or similar in that we decided to take our situation and try to make the most out of it and really really create a conversation and make an impact in the world and so basically cystic fibrosis so you understand it shorten your lifespan there is no cure and right is an inherited a life threatening disorder that damages belongs and I just of systems you've had to double long transplant tracks yeah yeah I have what does that mean like did the so so how long is that surgery well the food you know with the first surgery it was fairly it was that once a simple but it was fairly quick you know six hours on the operating table and the second time around you know there's a lot more scar tissue in there's a lot more that to be careful at than that you know the surgeons are very very very amazing at UCLA and it took longer because you know they have to really pay attention to the the organs and so the second time I was like fourteen hours fox so from six hours to fourteen hours you're under general anesthesia you are reading to bind you are the incisions on the side or on the front it's it's completely across my chest in fact if you go to any of my social media accounts recently I shared photos of my scar taken by Lou Clinton a and what is your your Instagram is that at Travis floor as in its it yeah I mean the. photos are it's clear as day where the scars across my chest to kind of a joke around a lot but it looks like I packs when I don't because you guys you have to find humor in it you do I agree you are incredible and what I want everyone to know is that Travis floor as an actor and author a speaker there's an incredible article out right now in out magazine that you wrote yeah and this and the picture so powerful on look at you you are so blessed though I will say this you have found the love of your life yeah I can't say that yet I was I'm working on it but I love the title that you get it to the commentary section so please I'll post it on my on my page on my Instagram Adeliza that's because you have to see this other titles I'm dying I want someone to love my husband I came to say that sounds very emotional to love my husband when I'm gone. yeah and that was the you know Nico Lang over at out magazine works with me to come up with a title that captured the essence of what I was writing but also to put it out there I mean so often I think we kind of skirt around what we're trying to say and I miko was like look we need to say that we just need to say it that's the only way people are going to pay attention and he was right and it's done very well there's been a lot of people I've read it a lot of people reached out to me expressing their love in their their hope for my future and my ex transplant hopefully and and and also how this article was affected their life and their views on love and relationships and Travis I like I said that on your breath and worked in it I want to go it's pre circle circle back on this long transplant yeah I'm looking at a third one and we have something to celebrate but before I want to read a little piece of out magazine article you wrote it's it's just so powerful. you right facing death is it difficult facing death with the person I love is. and I know he's here in the room any start you right now it's a check you have such a beautiful bond yeah we try to make eye contact when. when we were thinking about this kind of article because you know he hasn't read it because he doesn't want to even consider the fact that there could be a future without me and I understand that but you're still love a selfless and saying if I'm not here to love my husband I want you know how lucky you are to have him I mean it's my reality is that even with a third transplant there's there's a chance there's going to be complications and you we hope for the best hope for a long life together but without the third transplant for sure we don't and if I don't receive entrance that we're looking at a very short amount of time together and and I want him to find love again he deserves that easy easy so he's my age were twenty years old and that's too young to twenty eight yeah it's too young the young to go through what we're going through and it's too young to not find love again if I'm not here to love him more than you know what we can to make sure that UCLA doctors. do this because we know these currents just approved a dead third double long a transplant will that weighing heavily on you because by the way folks it wasn't as if they were they were signing off like sure you got this yeah that was an up hill battle with insurance companies. well. we've transferred insurance companies because of that what happens. originally the hospital was kind of for doing that they're trained at the insurance company said no and they were saying that they don't know if this is the best option for me they have to consider what is best for me okay and okay really yeah my response was very point blank it was like the only other option is death so I don't know what you mean by let's figure out the best option because you're only option is to do the surgery so we switched insurance companies because we can't handle that now time taken Afghans come on now we don't have time that we know so we really need the UCLA Medical I guess lung transplant board to approve this procedure yeah and in you know they're amazing they've saved my life multiple times and I understand the ethics behind and I understand that you know they have to decide whether or not this is best for you know the organ donation process there are other people waiting for organs and I'm very very sensitive to that Joe also that we want to talk about it with the big message of getting folks to be an organ donor yeah we're up against the commercial break your Travis for is with US eight social media star and author active is an actor what do you not do your incredible and you happen to have cystic fibrosis by the way I do so we want to talk more about this when we come back so stay with us is it thank you so much for being here Travis Sunday morning Elizabeth Espinosa KFI am six forty into the newsroom how incredible is from the song. so that one of the suspects accused of killing a woman at the Pechanga resort casino is believed to be the sister of Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard Long Beach police are increasing patrols following a pair of shootings two men were shot and injured in separate incidents late Friday night and into early yesterday morning in the area Pacific coast highway pine Avenue and a fire to garden Grove apartment complex is being investigated it broke out early yesterday morning on Chapman Avenue.

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