Pete Erickson: Will AI Create the Smart Home of the Future?


If you look at google. Amazon rolled out similar technology with making suggestions for the consumer about. Hey we've noticed the following behavior or the following pattern. Do you want to automate that. Would you like that just happened and if we can do in that way we believe that's much better way to be able to interact with the consumer in a way that shouldn't alarm them should concern them. They won't get nervous about Those things happening so And machine learning we think are going to continue to move forward and ashley push us or bite significantly on the smart smart home in the future The other thing is that things are things are becoming more connected. Not less connected. We'll just continue to see that everything that that comes out has some connection and even not for control. It's for monitor. i wanna understand. What is the energy consumption of these devices. Sure can be living more more ecologically by having those things only operate during these times of the day that could help the power grid could help my energy savings help. The energy cost savings alone. Eric what are the things that those that these devices could do and then having nadal running in the background to to live the best i possibly can on saving. Conserving were possible to To also help planet so those are all things that we think are are certainly on their way incoming today while i certainly can appreciate especially the the efficiency i think our homes are Are incredibly inefficient. The way that we're running them today And and look forward to How ai machine learning can really just help. Help us create The most efficient way we can live in a reduced usage and Actually improve experience at the end of the day. And i think that's one of the things i i i hear coming out of this talk. Is that really. It's about improving our experience. The experience in our homes or even possibly where we work in terms of like our lighting our our Our surroundings the sounds that are surrounding us. our ability to interact and control. And you know it's it's funny. I always go back to the Kinda the text messaging a revolution. That happened When we went from using our voice to to a synchronous texting a lot of people couldn't imagine that that would actually happen that that voice calls would one day be you know would would not be the primary way that we would communicate and i think the same thing is going to happen with our home is just the way that we interact and communicate with our home's gonna change. We can't imagine right now not going to odile or opening up an app and then controlling that app. But but we're not. I think already there. It just hasn't ruled out yet on on on a broad basis but it certainly it's exciting. I think that The the home of the future is a is a place that does lend itself to just a better experience overall and What i really appreciate. What you said is a healthier

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