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The show twice a week, which is really cool is the advent of the of the podcasting because, you know, some Phillies air, it sometimes late, sometimes it's not convenient for you to listen live, and that's cool. We, we still put a lot of stock in winter time slots are on obviously, we take great pains to make sure it's on the at the best time slot. We can possibly wangle. But the fact of the matter is, those shows are available in most are affiliates when you want them. Just going get them appointment tuning just click on their their podcasting. And there's the show whenever you wanted to people who record those things and play it back in the car on the way to work the next day. And, and what have you. So we're very grateful for that. And thanks to C KTBS Saint Catharines for podcasting. The program. Now, here's, here's something I don't normally do, but I'm going to do it for I get to my the entry for the conscious of that, too. Anyway, we're in the process of switching our telephones at our home office to another company. And sometimes that's not necessarily a straightforward procedure anyway. There's a company that, that we deal with in Niagara called connect doll. You probably listening Nagara, you know, who these people are, and they try to unravel it, and they got the phones working, which is cool to do some number juggling back at the computer at their office. But anyway, one of the installers guy name of Dino normally do this anyway. A shout Dino because he's a big race line radio fan was like, flabbergasted Eric's house, I'll yoakum Magas is just, you know, says another house. Right. But anyway, good guy and he helped us unravel the phone thing. He's a huge motorcycle racing fan loves going to the flat tracks like the grand prix stuff as well. So Dino, there's your shout out to say I don't normally do that. But I threw it in there anyway, because really did help us out with the phones. We're, we're grateful for that, Russ Bush shout sports net, five ninety the fan listener, and he also goes and does the podcast thing on the sports net. Website eric. It's been a while still enjoying your weekly show an awful lot, thank you so much for that. There really is nothing like it for motorsport recap. We'll thank you. So kind, again, now my answer to the WRX TI peak power, trivia question. Well, it is RPM from what I've read in that's crazy. That's loads of rubbing to get that puppy roaring. Love it in his answer. Of course, is correct. So he's into the brake drums got a chance to win the prize. Thanks for all you do ET. Look for your next show. Cheers, rush Bush, Elton, thank you very much for that, Russ Duprey. She it, and yeah, you can enter the contest many times as you like. And there, there's the, the trivia question you need to answer to qualify to win the price pack is this here. One the twenty nineteen Subaru WRX s. T I at what RPM has Pete power achieved with a three hundred ten horsepower, turbo charged boxer engine Eric race line radio dot C as the address to send in your entry, and, or comet. Okay. Okay. Let's work in another pitstop right here..

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