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The. Employs. But you have to be anti of it to the. People the guest he's talked about making sure your employees are happy and I know that a lot of your employees are family so Nicole. How much of your family works I feel like I've already met quite a few members of your family. Well, that's all of them right there, so it depends. Go Cross Street. See my uncle or I'm out the rest trauma grandfather. My mom also works there as well so I can see her in the back. When I had my little moment, my bray and then my aunt will come around here and there. What advice do you have for families going into business together because you're together? Much of the time all the time. We are all time together. I would have to say that we have to. Once you get home. You need to work aside and the remember that still family i. also think it's really important to. Take a breather and actually sit down and eat with each other because it surprising now. You don't really do that that often because we're so worried about everybody else. The. Cobbler's children have no shoes right Nicole. You said you started working in the restaurant when you were in middle school I went to see working i. don't really call. It were no, this isn't like. That's illegal. Of Our culture, though that, even as a young age, kids are supposed to be doing lot. Choice the house helping your parents as much as you can meet my grandfather. No, when I was in middle school, I remember my grandfather would pick me up and we would go to the food knauss and he would bake-. Baker or other bakery that we had. And we would bay right before class, so it was like five o'clock in the morning. And then after that we would, then we'll eat, and then we'll go go. Let's talk about some of the baked goods. We're sitting in the bakery. I don't know if I can do another interview in a big. This is like a test of will here. What are some of the most popular Greek baked goods? Like Mike Levine. Because for many many years everywhere you go, they use it by Lavar. We have the. Quality of the. Will make some? Shell. QUICKIES. Crews they're Komai. Is Not like to say you know everything we do. We're doing because we love to. We, love to present to the people. That! Tell me what is a Greek cookie I mean they look good, but what makes it different from a? Chocolate chip cookie. Well, it depends because you have so many different kinds of cookie, of course, but a majority of them, though we usually have them and the morning with our coffee, and we kind of them in if that makes sense, okay and then. The majority of them have to be like a vanilla took a very light, so they're not happy. They don't have any sprinkles on or any any. What like cream? On top of them? It's just very. It's like very natural yet kinda like. Not exactly like Scotty with the idea of dipping something in your coffee? Have you thought at all about the restaurants future? Are you trying to keep it? Traditional de WanNa mix in some? More, MODERN DISHES OR TECHNIQUES? What do you think about that? Might restaurant. On wanted to do Mykonos modern. are going to keep saying. because. This type. Food. This I. Fear! People. They love it. Down at the end the food. Grow together. All Right? We're GONNA start to wrap up here because you've got another group of tourists coming in, it's a good problem to have but Nicole. You mentioned that you're in nursing school. So, what do you see as your future? In the restaurant. I think I would actually put nursing as a part time and do what I can at the restaurant. It's not that of course doing something every day for like Oh, you must be really bored of it and I. Think my favorite part is just being surrounded by different people as I said a lot of people come from all around the world just to try his phone. Feel like I would always just want to be involved somehow someway. Finally. Is there a dish that someone could make at home? I don't know if you can share a recipe or. Yes? I won't be honest with you. I don't mind to share with everybody. because. That's my I'm very proud to be. Somebody asked me say then me you do this. because. To me. He make me honor. Somebody Grandma's OJ Andy I needed. To give me recipes because I'm GonNa make home I don't mind to do that. Every is longer you love to do it. Every, Nothing nothing difficult. is longer you love you cooking? But not, ninety whatever you're doing your life if you love what you're doing. The to make. Okay. It's funding that you said that I had one of the people he gave his recipes to. They said that they did exactly what. He told them to do and they couldn't turn out the same way. And I'm. Like, no, it's the way like. How much did you put in like Oh a teaspoon of this a couple of this and he's like no, you just look at it and you know so I. Think Yeah, so I think I don't even but the rest of us. I don't know how well it's going to be the same. You just have to as he said what the love and. You just gotTa know by looking at it right just. Throwing, you're one of those are. Under Sally Varas and Nicole Pastas. Thank, you so much for your time and. Much success in the future of Mykonos lamarcus very. Culture. That was deleted Cologne speaking with Andreas, veras founder of meka knows restaurant in tarpon springs and his granddaughter. Nicole, Davis shared recipes for two of the restaurant's most popular dishes, lamb, frizzy and.

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