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Fox we are looking at a down day here friday april twentieth we've got the dow the sp nasdaq investors in a haze with the sp down five dropped their of two tenths of one percent the dow slumping fifty nine points now down two tenths of one percent nasdaq down thirty to a drop their of four tenths of one percents stocks slumping on weakness and technology is investors digest the latest batch of corporate results among them general electric shares rallying today up now by four point eight percent wells fargo is gonna pay a billion dollars to settle us probes into mistreatment of consumers it is the largest sanction of a us bank under president trump wells fargo shares they are up now just about by two percent let's get more on the wells fargo story from bloomberg's laura keller we had expected this fine to becoming there was a lot of talking to washington over the last week especially by the bank's own admission that it would probably be paying one billion dollar fine this is going through the occ the of course wells fargo's major bank regulator and also the pb the consumer financial protection bureau and once again we do have a shares of wells fargo climbing by two point one percent president trump slamming opec on twitter oil west texas intermediate moving lower now down seven tenths of one percent sixty seven eighty one for a barrel of wti brent down eight tenths of one percent thirteen thirty five ounce the tenure down seven thirty seconds at yield two point nine four percent recapping stocks lower snp down five dropped their of two tenths of one percent i'm charlie pelletan that is a bloomberg business flash you're listening to bloomberg markets within fox and lisa abramowicz on bloomberg radio.

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