A highlight from Episode 270 (Now with Whole Grains)


Is jeremy martinez. My name is ricardo. Layoff i am bob timmons. I'm carl kastner. And i'm aaron craft here craft. I resident judge. Just the gain today. Just as i was just thinking about somebody listening to the podcast kind of having it on you know you. It kind of will give you play the next podcast. Whatever and someone's just listening to a podcast ends in alternative some girls message and Click stories that would be. I guess would be not very. I think that it was more nasa jonah. At all like that the anyway. Speaking of i was on with the other day and i get friends suggestions as i'm sure everyone does and i had a friend suggested on there that i was like this can't be the real person it was keegan. Michael key and suggestion and i clicked on the profile. Because i'm like this has got to be fake. And we have a ton of mutual friends and jordan peele wish i wish that was a mutual friend but it it. It's very weird. And i was looking through facebook and i'm like is this real like. Is this really him anyway. I sent a friend request over. But the show i will. I will winter best friend late. Well oh an. And i will tell you if he does except my friend requests then on our friend bursary. You know how facebook makes us other listeners. Check that out next week. We'll have Keegan michael key on the ship. We got a lot to put him on your podcasts. So look forward to that whole lotta. The is he the lead singer of tools. That that's the guy. I like sprays. He's so funny. We honestly can't tell if errands make it. A joker dot learning a lot of awesome. What's the lead singer of to the lead singer tool keegan. Michael key tie really. Aaron doesn't know who. Michael key is. My max i just typed in lead singer of in tool was the first suggests just making a judgment google. It sounds like your tools. You probably look up tools. Lead singer of tools maynard. James keenan close pretty close erin keegan. Michael key is the key from key and peele. He's been he's been in a million movies. Sheer meals a comedy show. Yeah you know. Writing comedy is a concept and Humor in joe. It might make more sense for you to be because maynard lives in prescott doesn't he. He lives in arizona. Somewhere would or something so that would actually make more sense for you to be friends. All i just typed in. Where does donal filled maynard. James keenan wynn said that guy. You're talking about it said. Hey jeremy can you repeat what you just said. We didn't play here. I did find out. That mega deaths bass player lives up in prescott arizona. Aaron it's prescott arizona. You're going to get these kind of so hard up there if you call it prescott. I've heard that actually middle name my middle name. Scott so. I can't i can't think of my middle name is skit prescott erin. Skit craft for this short skit. Changes to ski started all ready. -tations start improvisational. Podcast and call it. Skit craft kit craft. Yeah no like that. That's good on errands on board with that my name. Yeah that sounds great right. Well a lot of fun stuff coming in the years michael key guest and trend and perhaps the leaching of tool in the new show skit craft but before we do all that we gotta get to around one sounds good round one scrolling really far to find the stray act here. We go scrolling Friend requests from a guy named fabulous fucked. Oh you know what's interesting is in the weird al version parody of that song writing dirty keegan. Michael key is driving the car. No you do know who. Yes yes. I know who he is succeed. I told you i. I saw a funny picture of weird al today aired no joke i really did. I saw picture kim. Leave it with me on that. It's kind of weird. I saw a picture of weird al today. I was looking up bunny photos of celebrities with fans so like one was like jimmy fallon photo bombing some fans and you know all that kind of think and then and then weird al was also in the slide show but it was just weird al in like a fan shop with a bunch of like spitting sands weird hours was like look my fans ceiling fans and yeah legs eli stand fans all these celebrities with their fans and then weird al with some fans so how would it asshole. He's like totally just doing that. Yeah what's up jerry. just say. How was that joke compiled like did you like google search with fans knew all this would show up in the results. Something posted something being silly. He's like funny. If i took a picture like this with my fans compiled like photo. Album of celebrity nells best gags a photo of celebrities that took photos with fans. Weird al's photo was there too. I thought that was so funny. We we are now on the show. Would it be worth it just to invite him to his one of his fans podcasts. To show up and hang out with some of his fans and then we just have fans and our screens. Yeah but only if you still tell jokes now have the finance. We where the waste is time weird out very successful comedian. Should we invite weird al and on the off chance he says yes. Just not actually recorded an episode. Jeremy will only thinks of him as a comedian. Nothing else comedian. We'll have to see if he's available after we have Keegan michael key on. Yeah we'll see which of them is available for the next podcast or like. Maybe they'll both beyond because we don't wanna you know if the on with keegan michael we dangle our car keys keegan like assholes because he

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