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Welcome to true. Mysteries of the pacific northwest stories of strange and unexplained people places and events often obscured by the miss of time. I'm your host. Ken chrome today a mystery. Aircraft over oregon. No this isn't one more ufo sightings and the incident didn't take place several decades ago as a matter of fact in the research. I could come up with the october. Twenty fifth data. The siding. But the year was inconclusive. This was from the freedom of information act. I got this story. It was late october. Something flew over. Portions of oregon. Whatever it was to fight all attempts at identification. The date was october twenty fifth when air traffic controllers started questioning commercial airline pilots flying between portland and seattle asking if they could identify a mystery. Object the craft and question didn't have it's traffic collision avoidance system transponder on and it was not responding to air traffic controllers attempts at communication. Perhaps most disturbing was. It could not be picked up on radar. Pilots responded that they had seen the object but had not come close enough to identify the aircraft at this point several oregon air national guard f fifteen fighters out of portland. International were sent to check out the mystery craft but reported no sightings when the craft was reported near crater lake controllers begin to get responses from pilots. The craft was variously described as flying north at between thirty five and forty thousand feet. One pilot reported that the bird was twelve to fifteen miles away. Others reported twenty miles. Several pilots estimated the airspeed at around four hundred twenty five miles an hour. Finally the pilot of united flight six twelve when queried by air traffic controllers if he saw the mystery aircraft responded. Yeah we got him. He's about four miles away in a later report. He described the object in question as white speck about four or five thousand feet above us following us for some time. Certainly truly this was an unidentified. Flying object speculation runs from being a government test flight to the navy's m q twenty-five stingray drone if indeed it was a military test craft and it was designed like the modern stealth fighter to fly undetected by radar and perhaps unlike the stealth fighter that could be spotted and identified from the ground. This new craft sported a design that made that impossible. Indeed like the title of this program boasts. The craft that flew over oregon on october. Twenty fifth was a strange and claimed event. Now the joanna bride dungeness bay cozy murder mystery series continues book one storm front chapter five. Joanna had cleaned up the apartment. She had picked up the manuscript notice. It was only half finished. She said it down next to the typewriter and looked over rusty who sniffing around a large picture on the wall. Looks like somebody left in a hurry. The i can understand leaving that picture. Who needs a seascape when you look by the ocean. Hand on either side. She lifted up but turned out to be a sheet of not framed canvas. What could that rusty. It seems you found that dumb waiter. She inserted forefingers into a slot. Lifted raising a square door. That revealed a four by four foot shaft with a rope looped over a pulley that ran straight down. Let's go check out the other end of the shaft at the bottom of the stairs. She slower pace until she was lucky. Into the dusty dingy. so the old apothecary shop. She reached down ruffled. Hair between rusty sears considered the work that would have to go into cleaning up with the city thought of as a museum rusty. What have i gotten myself into. Hey i'm hungry. She looked at her watch. Twelve thirty wonder. Do suppose there's a phone in there rather than venture in. Joanna walked around the entire building rusty at her side. Finding any wires she concluded no phone and once again turned over. Four legged companion. Looks like a walk into town. She took over one of the suitcases.

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