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That's really great. Could you please tell us what's going on judge in New York on Friday decided to delay the sexual assault trial of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein until September ninth. Judge James Burke announced the delay following a closed door hearing prosecutors sought to convince the judge that women be allowed to testify with accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. But whose claims have not led to criminal charges Weinstein trial as had been scheduled to begin June third, but both sides indicated they need more time to sort through witnesses and evidence issues jury selection is expected to take up to two weeks with testimony lasting about a month. So not done with this yet. No, no. This is going to go on for years. I've always curious about that. With just the court cases in general. They always take so long. It's like great. We will see you again in nine months. It's a real backlog, I suppose, and this is only for one person. Right. Think of how many accusers there are thinking about that. Ryan will be this'll be his top story for the next phase. Stay tuned Rolling Stones guitarist. Ronnie wood has revealed. His bandmate, Mick Jagger is recovering. Well after undergoing heart surgery, speaking to Hello magazine. Woods said his seventy five year old bandmate was doing well revealing that he and Keith Richards have done their bit to keep his spirits of woods said he was vacationing in the Caribbean with Keith Richards and sent a Mick Jagger videos of them playing and singing get well songs on the guitar would add that crack Tim up we're all so pleased that he's doing so well spoke to him yesterday. And he's feeling great. I love that. These guys are like still friends years Ron would Ryan. And I were looking at some of his art on Thursday. It is. Credible. He's got some cells portrait's, he's he's done. I mean, he's just really really talented and aegis Elba has married model. Sabrina dower. In morocco..

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