Chinas Unrestricted Warfare

Malicious Life


When brian shields i notified nortel networks leadership about a major cyber incident. It's not that. He was outright turned aside. They didn't laugh him out of the room like cartoon villains rather according to him and others involved. The people in charge just didn't give it much. Thought they were distracted with other matters. They believed were more. For example there were right in the middle of firing their ceo frank dunn for some shady accounting practices. They did so just full days after. Brian and his team discovered the breach so soon that done himself didn't even hear that he was hacked. But even those who weren't fired didn't hear much about it. Nortel board members later told bloomberg that they couldn't recall the news ever having come up in any of their weekly meetings. They were simply too busy with on boarding the new. Ceo the man they brought in was bill. Owens a decorated former admiral the us navy and former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as ceo. He didn't do anything about the breach either because he didn't prioritize it or if one were to make an educated guess because nobody around him was talking to him about it instead. According to bloomberg quote nortel global technological juggernaut would respond to one of the longest. Running chinese heck's of the decade with password update and a series of overtures to wow and quote.

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