Cape Cod Diver Survives Being Trapped in Humpback Whale's Mouth


A commercial lobster diver Michel Picard apparently was swallowed. Yes, swallowed by a humpback whale yesterday while going about his normal business. Lobster diving. Now the reason we know this is because he actually survived the ordeal. According to Mr Packard, He was swallowed whole by humpback whale and was trapped in his gullet. For nearly a minute before being coughed back up. Mr Picard was about 35 ft, below the surface of the water near Herring Cove Beach at around eight A.m. when he says, quote all of a sudden. I felt this huge shove and the next thing I knew it was completely black. I could sense I was moving. I could feel the whales squeezing with the muscles in its mouth. Can you imagine? According to his statements. His first thought was that he had been snapped up by great White shark and was done for and the reason for that was because great whites were known to be seen in the area. Very commonly and often. Why Mr Picard himself so he thought to himself. This is it. I'm dead. It was completely inside the mouth and it was completely black. And it says here that he thought to himself. There's no way I'm getting out of here. I'm done. I'm dead, and all he could think about was his two sons, His 12 year old in his 15 year old. According to the report. He stated that when he realized he could feel no teeth He began struggling And felt the whale shaking his head in discomfort within 40. Seconds after that, the massive mammals spat him out into the ocean Now, Mr Ricard said, quote I saw light. This is when he was inside the whale. I saw all light as he kept moving around and he started throwing his head side to side and the next thing I knew I was outside the

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