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Hey, it's Chris. Daria from jersey media. This episode is sponsored by welcome to Tinseltown. If you like Christmas movies like the Grinch Rudolph and frozen you're gonna love the fantastic new holiday podcast welcomed Tinseltown. Welcome to Tinseltown. Follows the lovable Holly as she's transported to the magical realm of Tinseltown before it's Christmas every day. Now, she must navigate a world of talking candy canes, ice, skating, yetis, polar, bear, queens and more to get back. Home all seven episodes are available now. Subscribe to welcome to Tinseltown for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. Jump into the Christmas season with welcome to Tinseltown. Hello and welcome to earth. Rangers podcasts. I'm earth ranger, Emma. And today, I have a super special treat for you a few weeks ago. I had the chance to be on an episode of circle round along with some of my fellow earth. Rangers circle round is an amazing kids podcast that tells folktales from all around the world adapted for today's family. I think you're really gonna love it. So without further ado, I'll hand you off to my friend. Rebecca, he's going to tell you the story of turtle island. Produced by the island at WB. You are Boston. Have you ever felt small? Maybe you weren't tall enough to go on a ride at the amusement park or you wanted to play with the older kids. But they said you were too little in today's story. We'll meet an animal who knows exactly how you feel and she sets out to prove that sometimes the tiniest among us can be the most powerful of all. Rebecca share and welcome to circle round. We're storytime happens. All the time. Today. Our story is called turtle island. It comes from the folklore of the jib wake group of the first nations people of Canada. We developed this episode with our Canadian friends at the earth Rangers podcast, and you'll hear some of their voices, including Leigh Lawson also known as earth ranger, Emma. They'll also here right chase, Rebecca Galarza and Suzie McGrath three voices from another of our fellow kid casts. The puny by Kobe Bryant. So circle round everyone for turtle island. Long long ago. The great spirit known as kitschy Manitou was watching over all the people of the earth. But the ruler of the world was not happy with what he saw. No one was getting along the treated one another so poorly. They argued about who owned what that's my fish. Are you kidding? That was my fish trap. They insulted each other. You're the slowest person I've ever seen. No, your the slowest person I've ever seen. You are. No, you are as they gossiped. Like there was no tomorrow. Can you believe how selfish us he hunted all afternoon on someone else's hunting grounds? Then brought everything back to the village and shared it with his family as if he'd cut it on his own land. It was chaos kitschy Manitou had a strong helper named Thunderbird one day. The great spirit told Thunderbird. Heard. It was time to start over to cleanse the earth and get rid of all this bad energy. But kitschy Manitou wanted those who were good or at least trying to be good to be saved. Thunderbird? Do me this favor lift you'll wings and take flight? Give a tap to all those who are are Moni, and peaceful and tell them to get ready for a big flood urge them to build rafts and boats and prepare to swim one week from today, the great brains will begin to fall so Thunderbird did as she was told a week later. Sure enough, the rains began to fall and fall and fall. Soon. The land was flooded. The people saved by Thunderbirds warnings stayed in their boats and on their rafts once the rain stopped a group of animals climbed up onto a single log in the middle of the water. There was a venturous otter wets up folks that was some rain eager beaver. Sure was what a close one scrappy muskrat. Thank goodness we all survived and wise, turtle who had received some valuable advice from Thunderbird before the flood. Listen if we were. Now that we have made it through the flood. There is one way we can build on that. And. End Thunderbirds says only need is a handful of earth from the bottom of this water that should help us get things going again turtle lifted her wrinkled legs one by one with these stubby legs. It would take me forever to peddle the way down and back again. So I wonder could any of you swim to the bottom grab some of the below and Benito up to this is. I can't utter always raised her hand. I she loved a good challenge, a usual. Ulta. We don't even know how deep this wall to is. Oh, I've got this. I'll be back before you can save two. Shakes of an otter tail author lifted her paw and gave the other animals a high five then she leapt off the log and dove into the water with a splash beaver turtle and muskrat watched otter swim deeper and deeper soon her slender furry body had disappeared completely minutes past then hours, then an entire day the animals were beside themselves with worry until. Well, the good news as I'm back. But the bad news is I couldn't find any earth, I dove again, and again and just never reached the bottom. I'm willing to try one more time, but I'll need to rest first turtle cocked her head to one side. Thank you for trying to. I'm sure I speak for everyone. When I say, I'm glad you're okay. But you need to rest. Let's give someone else a child's. Any takes me me me. Turtle nodded at beaver. Oh beaver. There's no doubt about it. You all a strong swimmer? I sure am. And looking for things is my middle name one leaves twigs unit. I can find it beaver was so excited he slapped his pedal of a tail on the log as it bobbed up and down in the water. He other animals grabbed on with their feet and claws. No, go, right. Me you go get it will do this busy beaver is about to save the world. And with that he flashed a big grin jumped from the log and landed in the water with a splash now as with otter beaver took his time two days later, he returned to the log. And when he did he was breathless and didn't check did. I'm so sorry friends. But I couldn't find any dirt. I must've done dozens of times. But I couldn't find the bottom of the water. Sheesh. How could it be anyway? Turtle gave beaver a smile be. I'm so relieved your who. Right. I don't know how much longer this. Love can keep us afloat move. How much longer the people can live on their offs? And in that bodes not to mention the bugs who have no place to land. We need to figure out something. The group was silent for a moment as they punctured their potential fate. Then suddenly well little muskrat piped up. Maybe I can try muskrat looked at her fellow creatures with hopeful is, but what was she met with? Laughter. In fact, otter and beaver were giggling and snickering heart. They could barely stay on the lawn. That's a good one month. Sure is have you noticed how puny? There's no way you can make it to the bottom of this water. But there was one animal who didn't laugh at muskrats proposal. Instead turtle looked muskrat straight in the eye and smiled musk despite what the other say. I believe you could do this beaver and otter were stunned into silence had turtle lost her mind. But not a second later puny little muskrat took a deep breath and down down down she dove to find some earth.

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